Board Meeting Summary

Glen Ellyn School District 41

February 21, 2023 Regular Board Meeting

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In Attendance

President Dr. Robert Bruno, Vice President Jason Loebach, Secretary Jess Buttimer, Ted Estes, Tayyaba Syed, Julie Hill joined remotely via zoom, student board member Elizabeth Bredfeldt

Dr. Chris Martelli and student board member Maeve Bernstein were absent.

Celebration | watch

Hadley Junior High English as a Second Language (ESL) Team

Director of Language Programs Juan Suarez introduced the Hadley Junior High School ESL team. He presented a video (click here to watch it) featuring new Hadley students who have come from other countries this school year. ESL team members Teresa Shea and Mayra Kulik shared more information about working with the students. They shared that the students are learning a lot and are a joy to have at Hadley and complimented the students on their exemplary work ethic.

Public Participation | listen


Dr. Peter Monaghan, Glenbard West Principal | watch

Superintendent Kaczkowski welcomed Glenbard West High School Principal Dr. Peter Monaghan and congratulated him on his upcoming retirement at the end of this school year. Dr. Monaghan presented information about Glenbard West, the student profile, the Glenbard West Student Engagement Framework “the West Way,” and student supports outside of the classroom. He highlighted a number of data points about how students who attended District 41 are succeeding throughout high school. D41 students are the highest achieving group of students from all of the sender districts on the SATs. At the end, Dr. Kaczkowski commented on the importance and relevance of this outcome data as confirmation of the quality of learning that takes place from PreK-Grade 8 in D41.

See presentation slides below:

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Student Attributes: Forest Glen Elementary School | watch

Forest Glen Principal Scott Klespitz presented the student characteristic of kindness that is spread throughout the school and reflected in the students. He shared videos featuring activities at school that focus on kindness and student interviews from each grade about what kindness means to them. To watch the video CLICK HERE

Master Facility and Feasibility Study with Wight & Co. | watch

Superintendent Kaczkowski introduced Brad Paulsen of Wight & Co. He presented a revised master facility and feasibility study proposal to the Board that includes a two step process. Board members asked questions and engaged Mr. Paulsen in conversation about what the study would provide to the district should the Board choose to accept the proposal. Board members discussed the possibility of starting with part one and then later deciding on part two. The consensus of the Board was to vote later in the meeting on both options one and two for a more comprehensive study.

Student Board Report | watch

Superintendent’s Report | watch

Superintendent Kaczkowski commented on the swatting incident that took place this week in Wheaton. She shared that it is important for our community to be aware that swatting is happening across Illinois and across the country. Prior to yesterday’s incident, Dr. Kaczkowski had a conversation with the Glen Ellyn Police Department about these incidents and the district’s potential response in the event that we are targeted. She highlighted the work in District 41 related to belonging. She emphasized that from a proactive perspective, building strong relationships with students and families is an important step in violence prevention.

Board Reports | watch


2023-2024 Student Fees | watch

Assistant Superintendent for Finance, Facilities and Operations Eric DePorter presented the annual fees proposal. Increased assignment notebook fee to $1. No other fees are being raised. He shared that District 41 has one of the lowest fee rates. Mrs. Buttimer asked about the possibility of using recycled materials for the assignment notebooks.

HumaneX Renewal | watch

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Dr. David Bruno presented information about the renewal of our contract with HumaneX. HumaneX provides professional development and resources to support climate and culture in school districts.

Approve Professional Development for Facilitated IEP Training | watch

Assistant Superintendent for Student Services Laurel O’Brien shared information about a plan for professional development for staff to support the facilitated IEP process. This would continue to build capacity across the buildings.

Technology Purchases: Student Chromebooks | watch

Director of Technology and Innovation Andrew Peterman presented a proposal for the expansion of the Chromebook purchase over time.

Technology Recommendation: Telephone Refresh | watch

Mr. Peterman shared the need for new telephones across the district. He presented a plan for the refresh and shared that he put out a RFP and received a number of proposals. Mr. DePorter shared that this will result in savings for the district.

Technology Recommendation: Copier RFQ Process | watch

Mr. Peterson shared another technology need for new copiers across the district. We currently have a lease of copiers that will be expiring. He issued an RFQ at the end of January. Final proposals are due this Friday.

Action Items | watch | documents

Consent Agenda

Approve a Memo of Understanding with GEEA on Teacher Compensation

Personnel Report

Monthly Financial Reports

- Disposal of Surplus Property

- Donation and Gifts

- Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Report

- Investment Schedule

- Monthly Revenue/Expenditure Summary Report

- School District Payment Order

- Summary of Bills and Payroll

- Treasurer's Report

Board Meeting Minutes

- January 17, 2023, Regular Meeting Minutes

- January 17, 2023, Closed Session MInutes

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Syed)

2023-2024 School Year Calendar | watch

Click here for the approved calendar.

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Syed)

Master Facility and Feasibility Study with Wight & Co. | watch

Earlier in the meeting the board had a discussion regarding conducting a Master Facility and Feasibility Study with Wight & Co.

(Voted Yes - Bruno, Loebach, Buttimer, Estes, Hill, Syed)

Other/Board Governance - Learning Together | watch

Mrs. Buttimer recommended a book about conflict titled, “High Conflict - Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out,” by Amanda Ripley.

Future Agenda Items | watch


  • Monday, March 6, 2023, Committee of the Whole Meeting, Hadley Jr. High - Strategic Plan Update - DEI Committee

  • Monday, March 20, 2023, Regular Board Meeting, Hadley Jr. High

  • Monday, April 17, 2023, Regular Board Meeting, Hadley Jr. High