A Long Walk To Water

Theme and topic

Chapter 13 Page 78

" Salva had no choice. He jumped into the water, and began to swim." ~ A Long Walk To Water

Topic- Perseverance/ hope

Theme- You can't just give up on what you believe in.

Explanation of Quote

Salva safely reached the Ethiopian refugee camp. After six years the government started crashing, so the military started chasing them away back to the Gilo River. Except there was a problem. The Gilo had crocodiles, and a very strong current. The military was also shooting at the lost boys. Salva had made his decision. He was going to try to swim across the river. Many people died then, and Salva was very lucky to escape alive.

Significance of quote.

This quote says that even though the water was very dangerous, Salva jumped in. He did it for and because of his family. He fought to survive, for them, so he got in the water and caught as herd as he could.
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