High Mountain Road School

Back to School Night 9/21/22, 7pm-9pm


The purpose of Back-To-School-Night is to help you become acquainted with both the educational programs offered at HMR and your child’s teacher. If you have specific concerns about your child, please make an appointment with the teacher, so you may discuss these concerns at a later date in a private setting.

Children are not included in this parent evening. Our First and Second Sessions are identical to accommodate families with multiple children. Please read about 4th and 5th grade carefully below.

There is a New Family Tour with our Guidance Counselor and PTA representative at 6:30pm, it will begin promptly.

7:00-7:15pm General Session in Homeroom Classes (Welcome Broadcast in Classroom)

Go to one of your child(ren)’s homeroom classes for this session and remain for the first homeroom session to follow. If you have a 4th grade student, plan to visit this grade level session first to hear from the teaching team in the CAFETERIA(this will be the only opportunity).

-Welcome by Mrs. Bajzath, Principal

-Welcome by Mr. Maceri, Superintendent of Schools

-HMR PTA Welcome

-Franklin Lakes Education Foundation Welcome

7:15 – 7:45pm Visit Homeroom Class(First Session)

*4th Grade general presentation is ONLY during this time in the CAFETERIA (details at close of agenda)

*5th Grade families without HMR siblings attend 5th grade general presentation in Room 147

7:50 – 8:20 pm Visit Homeroom Class(Second Session)

*5th Grade families with HMR siblings attend 5th grade presentation in Room 147

*CSI Teachers for families of Tier 3 students, Session 1 of 2, Room 135

8:25 – 8:55pm Visit Non-Homeroom Teacher Staff

-CSI Teachers for families of Tier 3 students, Session 2 of 2, Room 135

-G&T Session for families of Tier 3 students, HMR Library


-Special Education Teachers

-Speech Therapist

(please consult map at entryway for locations)

4th Grade Details:

7:00-7:45 4th Grade Presentation in the CAFETERIA, including General Session

7:50-8:20 Visit 4th Grade Classrooms (no presentation)

5th Grade Details:

7:00-7:45 5th Grade presentation for families without additional HMR siblings in Room 147

7:50-8:20 5th Grade presentation for families with additional HMR siblings(attend younger grade presentation first to accommodate space) in Room 147

**If you have more than 2 HMR students, you may need to divide and conquer as a family or stop in informally during the 3rd session**