Pay Attention Uncle

By Tom Lucchesi


I have been expecting you for a while now. Have you ever experienced a disorder called attention deficit disorder? My uncle has. When my uncle went to school, he was considered simple-minded and idiotic. He suffered from a disorder called Dyslexia, with his disabilities he was not able to do a lot of social gatherings because he had to spend his time studying to improve his education to the next level. The website I have prepared for you has the reason why my Uncle is my hero.

A day in my uncle's life

My uncle went to a very strict bording school for his ementry through highschool life. One story he told me was that he had to wake up as early as three in the morning just to study for the exams that he had that day, because he had Dyslexia and learned differently from the standerd education format.

When I was a kid.

When I was born my mom had to go to work very early in the morning and come back home late. However, my uncle was always there for me he treated me like his own son. I was very fortunate that he worked at home. Three of my best memories with him in London was Going out to the park and he would push me really high on the swing, Him teaching me how to bike, and building legos.