A New Year Means New Goals

2016 is going to be THE year for the Steel Magnolias

Bye Bye 2015, HELLO 2016

What a difference a year makes, right? 2015 was full of excitement and team success! We moved to a DMM team, hit over $400K in team sales, and saw Magnolias have babies, get married, and reach personal goals that blew me away! 2016 promises to be even better! In less than 2 weeks we have our Spring Capsule launching then shortly after our new full Spring line! Wedding season is upon us as well as Valentine's Day which is HUGE for our business.

I have BIG plans for our team and want to share them with you. Being a DMM lead team, we have a minimum of $25K in team sales each month that must be met which means we will be a half a million dollar team by the end of April!! How awesome is it going to be to be part of such success??? Goal setting and accountability are a MUST so make sure to pick a goal setting hangout time below and find an accountability partner to work with this year. Don't know who to pick? I can do random assignments for all who are interested or you can reach out to your Candi BFF to join forces. Our Team Goal for January is $25K with min. of 50 active members. That means $500 in sales for each active team member and we are at GOAL!!

Another BIG change is our fabulous Merch Perch! I know change can be scary but don't let this new platform intimidate you. I'm still learning myself but I love the MP so much! Have you tried to search feature? I mean, seriously SO helpful! Put aside some time to get on the MP, play around, and get familiar. We will be moving away from Facebook and over to the MP as a team by February. I invite you to post questions, look for feed back or start sharing your best practices with your Magnolia sisters. I currently have a Lifetime Sales Goal question posted that I'd love to see EACH of your answer! I need all team member goals to set goals for the team as a whole and it only takes a quick second to answer. I also need to cofirm ALL your email addresses along with a good phone number. Drop me a quick email (see below how to contact me), text, or FB message so you never miss out on any info or team challenges. xo!

December Challenge

#ididthemath winners are....

Congrats to Jessica Garrett who won the branded yard sign for in home pop ups and business partnerships!

Congrats to Adrienne Dominguez who won the prize pack!

I'll be in touch to get prizes out to you asap! Thanks to all who participated!!

Have you filled out your #BIGPICTURE worksheet?