Link and Learn Friday

October 4 2013


"AWW - A web whiteboard" No installation, no account, just click on the link and your Promethean board is an instant white board. This simple, easy site includes: Pencil tool with different point sizes and colors, eraser and text tool. You can even save your whiteboard session as a picture for printing. Don't forget to add this shortcut to your toolbar for easy instant access.


Keyring - While this app doesn't have anything to do with the classroom, I couldn't resist sending it. You'll never have to fumble around in your bag or wallet again for a store shopping card. This app allows you to scan the barcode on all your store cards: grocery, pharmacy, etc. and store them on your phone. You can now clean out your wallet and ditch all those awful cards.
Love this app, genius!


Food52 - Recipes, blog and culinary shop. The photography at this site is superb, sort of moody and earthy with organic, unique recipes. It's like Rembrandt meets the Barefoot Contessa.

Even if you don't cook, this site is just fun to look at; if you sign up with your email they have a daily recipe blog post, plus there is a wonderful shop associated with the recipe site called 'Provisions' that sells everything from cooking and table ware to spices like Hibiscus ginger and Fleur de sal, enjoy!

Everyone have a fabulous weekend!