2D Weekly News

Week ending December 11th

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International Week Gallery of Pictures

What an amazing week it was at ASD. International week is such a celebration for so many reasons. The pictures below give you a taste of what our week was like. Everything from the opening ceremonies, to the Arabic tent, the international buffet, and the closing ceremonies. A week to remember. I hope you enjoy the photos.



This is one of my favorite pictures of the week.

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Science - Learning about temperature

2D made their own thermometers in class and we took a trip around the world finding out the temperature in different countries. They also had a lab on Thursday morning where they got to investigate and compare the temperatures of ice water, warm water, outside and the palm of their hands. They love going to the lab and feel like proper little scientists!.

Math - Number bonds, money and problem solving

In math we continued to explore place value and we started using money to represent 1's, 10's & 100's. We are forming number bonds (breaking apart) with bigger numbers and representing these with a variety of manipulatives such as straws, base 10 blocks, money and tiles and using these to help solve problems.

Reading & Writing - Revising & publishing their book reviews and continuing to work on comprehension skills in reading

What a suprise!

Thursday afternoon I got such a special & sweet surprise when all the children, Ms.Pooja and the class moms threw me a surprise birthday celebration. I was showered with beautiful gifts and pictures - flowers, chocolates, cake, body products and a spa voucher :) The most special gift of all was a book that all the children made for me. Their words were so sweet and I am so grateful for such gorgeous, kind, loving children in my class. To all you moms and dads who helped out thank you so very much. It is something I will always treasure.

A few reminders about the week ahead

Tuesday December 16th is a FULL day of school. They will have a special activity day to celebrate Qatar National day.

Wednesday December 17th will be the last day of school. 2nd grade will be having a polar express activity day all day. It will be a fun way to finish off before winter break.