Do not smoke it could cost a life.

By Jacob Thompson

Dangers of tobacco

Tobacco is a bad substance. For example Nicotine is inside ciggrates along with tobacco. You can get lung cancer. There is 2 types of tobacco, smoke tobacco and spit tobacco. There is also tooth decay, tar gets on your lungs, bad breath Erodes teeth. Alot of things that can kill you in just 1 Ciggarate.

4 phical/Social and 2 mentel, emotinal concequces

You could get lung cancer. Also you could get tar on your lungs. You can´t do what you use to do. You are always wanting another ciggratte.

You can get bad breath. Also you can get erodes teeth. Another one is you can get gum desise. You can get tooth decay.

You can get seirousley addicted to it. You can get angry when you have´nt had one in a while. My mom tried that and she got angry

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