apache squad

What region did they live in?

The Apache tribe lived in the mountains and basins region, but they also lived in Arsoina and mexico.

What did they eat?

Apache men hunted buffalo, deer, antelope, and small game, while women gathered nuts, seeds, and fruit.

How did they get food?

The apache men hunted things like deer antelope.

What did they live in?

Most of the apache lived in their protable tepees.

what weapons and tools?

The apache mainly hunted wit spears and used hatchets to collect things like wood or plants.

what is a tradition?

The apache often peirced the babies ears so that they could listin and obey comands.

leadership organization

The apache usually had a chief and a shaman.

what did they become?

The apache later became a tribe on a reservation located in arizona.

special traditions of the apache

The apache shaman often used peyotes as medicine and also as a ritualic type thing.
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