Designing a System of Interventions

March 16, 2016

Grab your favorite cup of coffee, and dive deeper into systems of interventions!

The focus of our Elementary Data Meeting #5 is to share out how each building's pyramid of interventions are shaping up so that we can learn and growth with each other! We will also take a look at school improvement, as well as the data we have currently from parent and staff surveys as well as Delta Math.

Elementary Data Meeting #5

Wednesday, March 16th, 7:30am

APS Administration Building (Large Leadership Room)


1. Introduction and welcome

2. Using data with Illuminate DNA

3. Sharing is Caring

4. Tracking Tool Review

5. School Improvement

6. Delta Math data review

7. Behavioral RtI Update

Link to the complete agenda.

Wait! There's homework!

In order to have an efficient and productive meeting, please read come prepared to share your building's pyramid of interventions with any process and procedures you have identified to ensure your plan works! Please bring visuals to share or copies if you would like to share resources.

Also, bring your parent and staff surveys to discuss with your team.

Light breakfast will be served!

To compliment your coffee, we will have muffins, orange juice, more coffee and a variety of breakfast bars available.
Shared Google Drive

All of the documents for our work can be found in this shared Google Drive folder. These are VIEW only. If you would like to use these after our meeting, please feel free to do so by making a copy of each document and sharing!