Fire Saftey

Christopher Bauguss

Causes of Fire

The main causes of fire are: cooking, electrical work, smoking, children playing with fire and the biggest are matches and lighters.Two important safety tips are make sure children don't have acess to lighters or matches and to educate them on the dangers of fire and how they satrt.

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Smoke Detectors

Smoke detector save lives. They are a must have for fire safty. You can buy them at grogery stores, hardware stores, home improvment stores, and discount stores. You need to have at least one in every level of your home. Test them once a week. Be sure to replace the batteries twice a year.

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Fire Saftey Plan

Fire drills are every important because they prepare you for the real deal. Fire exprects say that you have 1-2 minutes to get out of your house and get to safety. you should have a fire saftey kit ready incase of a fire occuring while you are asleep. You shold have a fire safety kit. In it should be water, food, first-aid kit, tools and supplies, sanitation products, clothes and bedding, important documents, and speical items.

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