By: Marlen Nuñez & Vanessa Diaz

What is groundwater?

Groundwater is water that is being absorbed in the ground. The water that is being absorbed stays in the ground. The water can be absorbed from many bodies of water for example: lakes, rivers & streams.

How does groundwater affect Earth?

Groundwater affects Earth cause it's in the process of the water cycle. When the water Evaporates,condensates & precipitates the water also known as rain lands on anything the water collects. Sometimes water comes around and connects to each other and flows down and finds a river. The water that is left behind is collected and absorbed in the ground and keeps collecting through the process.


Porosity- The amount of space in between soil particles.

High porosity- Lots of space in between the soil

Low porosity- Little space between the soil.

Permeability- The materials ability to allow Fluids to pass.

High permeability- Water can travel through soil easily.

Low permeability- water can't travel through soil easily.

Zone saturared- area where groundwater fills up all pores in the soil.

Groundwater Animation