The steps

"At first I thought they were annoying, but I was wrong"

What type of conflict does the story have?

Conflict: The "Problem" which triggers actions.

This story has an External conflict and its Man Vs. Man

External Conflict: Takes place outside

Man Vs. Man; One character has a problem with another character.

The reason why this character has an External Conflict, and why is it Man Vs. Man. The reason why is because, she traveled to another country far from home, and she has a problem with her steps, she finds them annoying.

What type of character is Annabel?

Annabel is a dynastic and a round character.

dynastic character: Where the character changes thru the story.

Round character: (Main Character) you know a lot about them.

The reason why Annabel is a dynastic character is, because at first she hates her step siblings, and she doesn't like them because they were annoying and weird with the way they talk. Then at the end of the story she ended up loving them, and she didn't want to leave no more.

She was also a round character, because it tells you about where she lives, also about when her parents divorced, and the reason why she's going to visit her steps for the first time, and it tell you her thoughts and feelings.


Setting: when and where did the story take place.

The setting in this story is in New York (winter time), and Australia (hot summer time). It tells you that she would always go ice skating with her friend in Times Square, and then it tells you she was leaving to Australia to visit her steps during her Christmas break. It also say that in Australia when its cold in America its hot in Australia.