iPad Info

...so we are all on the same page...

Here are some tips so that iPad expectations will be consistent across all classes...

1. Honor Code

Have all students sign an honor code in each class. This has proven effective regarding minimizing digital cheating. What you might want to include in your individual contracts...

  • using the camera only when instructed
  • using the screenshot capability only when instructed
  • recording only when instructed or given permission
  • not sharing work in any way unless given permission or working collaboratively

Research shows that these honor code contracts deter many kids from succumbing to peer pressure. A simple signature and the personal contact could keep many of your students from crossing over to the dark side...

I suggest handing out the contract (maybe a paragraph) to each student on a slip of paper and requiring him or her to sign it and turn it in. The more you personalize it, the better. Make it subject specific. This will make it seem more like your student is making a personal promise to you.

2. Charge It!

Remind your students to charge their iPads every night.

3. Remember the iPad Positions!

First Position - flat on desk with the screen facing up

Second Position - iPads held or positioned vertically

Third Position - iPads are face down

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