Grasslands Biome Project

By Brock Davis

Where are Grasslands?

Grassland biomes are on every continent except for Antartica! Grasslands are in the central part of the U.S.A. . There is grasslands around the South-East part of Africa!

What are some Characteristics of grasslands?

There are two different types of Grasslands, there is the Temperate Grasslands and the Savannahs / Tropical Grasslands! Temperate Grasslands have some of the darkest, Richest soil in the world! With tropical grasslands there is very moist soil!

What are most landforms in grassland?

Most parts of grasslands are flat land or low hills.

What is the weather like in grasslands?

Tempeture gets can get above 100ƒ! It rains mainly around late spring and early summer around temperate grasslands! Yearly average of rain is about 20-30 inches in temperate grasslands!

What Biotic Factors live in grasslands?

Some abiotic factors that live in grasslands are: bison, antelope, prairie dogs, insects, chipmunks, birds. Some plants that live in grasslands are: shrubs, canada wild rye, black oat grass, small trees, ohio goldenrod,

How do humans impact grasslands?

Humans are using grasslands for farming, and urban development, Which drives animals away from populated areas.