Weekly Warrior Bulletin

May 6, 2016

Happy Birthday!

Amy Clayton ~ May 7
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Many thanks to our awesome Warrior cafeteria staff!

Thank You Teachers

Great Art!

Be sure to go see Kristen Green's students' art show at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. The opening reception is Sunday, May 8th 2-4. The show runs until Monday May 23.

Are you social?

Have you contributed to our school social fund yet this year? If not, please consider a $25 contribution and additional donations to go toward our wonderful retirees' gifts.

Thank you!



I (Beth) am VERY excited to tell you about an opportunity that we've been given for professional learning. Over the last two years, elementary schools in our district have been given the opportunity to be part of the Formative Assessment for MD Educators (FAME) cohorts. For 2016-17, we and our feeder BMS have been specifically invited to apply!

In short, FAME is a yearlong, school-based collaborative professional development process that consists of 5 self-study modules, application activities, communities of practice, and leadership support at no cost. The goals of FAME are to encourage and support teacher reflection and dialogue around the topic of formative assessment, help teachers revise and refine their current practices within their classroom and school, and create lasting change in schools and districts.

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My conversations with the teachers/admin from the first two cohorts indicate that the professional learning and community building that happens through FAME is outstanding.

What makes this even more exciting to me is that our colleagues next door at the middle school are committed to working with us in the cohort. What a great opportunity to build feeder relations and a more fluid learning continuum for our students!

Additionally, I have been working with Sherry to move our Collaborative CFIP next year to more of a teacher-directed PLC model, and this FAME work would fit in perfectly so that your time would be maximized for the professional learning that matters most to you.

There are not limits on our numbers of participants, so I am asking you ALL to consider joining me on this endeavor. For those who need it/want it, you can earn MSDE credit for this work.

Please email me ASAP if you have interest in joining the cohort or if you have additional questions.

IPAD Modules

Visit the iPad Modules and click on the iBook or practice test to watch the videos, take the practice tests, and complete the scored test. This can only be accessed with a device that supports the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, or MacBook Air). The videos and scored test can be completed on any device, but again is not optimal. You will receive an email after each test indicating your score and a certificate of completion when all tests are complete to submit for your MSDE credit.

My understanding is that MacBook Modules will be coming soon!

MSDE Course News

MSDE courses were sent to all teachers on May 1st. Teachers will be able to register for these courses from May 1st – May 15th and these courses will be offered at specific times in the summer. Teachers who need the reading courses or special education courses are HIGHLY encouraged to take advantage of these free online courses. Our reading courses and special education courses are only offered at specific times throughout the year and teachers should not miss out on these valuable opportunities. Pay is not available for MSDE courses.

WCPS Professional Development

Don't miss out on improving your practice! WCPS is offering all kinds of professional learning opportunities. Click here to see your options and register.

How to Request an iPad App

If you would like to request that an app be placed on the iPads, please use this form:


Don't forget to "UPDATE" your classes regularly in Synergy in Gradebook Setup!


See the most up to date schedule at this link!

Our Warrior teams' current records:

Baseball 12-6

Softball 15-5

Boys Lacrosse 11-1

Girls Lacrosse 9-2

Tennis Girls 5-13

Tennis Boys 0-18

Way to go, Warriors!

Play-offs start next week. Dates, times, and locations TBD.

Save the Date

Fri, May 6: No WB; Prom Promise Assembly Period 6: 1:41 – 2:26 (stay with class); Assembly (in gym): 2:26 – 3:30

Fri, May 6: 7:30pm Encore performance of GodSpell

Sat, May 7: 7-10pm Prom at Williamsport Barn

Mon, May 9: 3:30pm Faculty Meeting for all those who haven't received a MacBook yet

Tue, May 10: Collaborative CFIP - bring your MacBook!

Thu, May 12: 7:45am SIT in Wisner's room

End of Year Calendar

May 23 - 2nd period Auditorium Senior Meeting Pick up grad materials

May 23 - 6th period Senior Final Exams

May 24 - 1st & 4th pds Senior Final Exams

May 24 - 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Auditorium Senior Awards Night

May 25 - 3rd & 5th pds Senior Final Exams

May 26 - 2nd pd Senior Final Exams

May 27 - All day Senior Final Exams Make Ups

May 27 - Final Day for Seniors

May 31 - 9:00 a.m. ARCC HCC Dress Rehearsal for Graduation Seniors in full dress; Myerly & Lowe to attend

May 31 - 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Hager Hall Senior Sports Awards Banquet

June 1 - 10 a.m. - 10:15 a.m. Auditorium Seniors Meet in regalia Will run through BMS and BES high fiving younger kids - new tradition

June 1 - 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. ARCC HCC Grad Rehearsal

June 1 - 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Auditorium Baccalaureate

June 2 - 6:20 p.m. ARCC HCC Grads Line Up

June 2 - 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. ARCC HCC Graduation Staff is encouraged to dress in regalia and attend

June 3 - 1st & 4th pds Final Exams

June 6 - 2nd & 5th pds Final Exams

June 7 - 3rd & 6th pds Final Exams

June 8 - 8:45 - 9:48 a.m. (periods 1 & 2) GYM Awards Assembly Teachers will get instructions soon

June 8 - Pds 3 - 6 Final Exam Make Ups Teachers may pull students from other classes to do make up exams

June 8 - 1:00 p.m. Students Dismissed

June 9 - Teachers' last day - Pot Luck Lunch

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Kudos to all of those who helped organize the giving of all of the wonderful stuff we received for Teacher Appreciation Week. I feel truly appreciated!!

Thank you to all who made sure that the teachers were fed, clothed and just generally cared for this week. I feel SO appreciated!!

Kudos and thank you to all groups and organizations that gave such wonderful gifts to us teachers!

Kudos to all the clubs and organizations that treated teachers great this week. Loved every bite!

Kudos to Kim Brown for the excellent work she has done making the financial health of BHS her top priority.

Thank you to Cindy Ours for sitting in on a parent meeting.

Wow, Michael Bair, what a performance!!

Kudos to Aubrey Swisher for helping out a colleague's substitute with a technology issue.

Thank you to Coach Anders and Mrs. Parry for the use of the small gym on such late notice. You are “team players.”

Kudos to Sarah Hamilton for another successful Blood Drive and for a great Prom Promise Week!

Kudos to Dani McDonald for her great mediation skills.

Kudos to Sarah Hamilton for all her work for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Kudos to Jayne Moore for picking up food for Student Council.

Kudos to Dr. Hamilton and Kim Brown for being excellent financial record keepers

Kudos to Amy Taylor for all her work on the Senior Award Ceremony.

Kudos to Mindy Welty for being a great co-worker and sounding board!

Thank you to Beth Downin for agreeing to cover part of one of my classes this week – you are a lifesaver!

Thank you to Miss Jayne for alllllllll of her help with picking up the various foods for this week’s Teacher Appreciation Week AND for being a much-needed sounding board.

Thank you to Beth Bell for helping arrange the Cinderella’s Closet AND a faculty breakfast AND the snack carts – our stomachs are happy!

Kudos to the Custodial Staff for all they do to keep things looking good!!

Kudos to Tracy Salka for blazing the bathroom trail!

Kudos to Bobbie Mahaffey for handling all the testing craziness!

Kudos to Beth Downin: THE LIST QUEEN!

Kudos to Lauren Clingan—handling a parent conference with poise and professionalism.

Kudos to Jayne Moore for being all things to all people!!

Thank you Garth, Matt, and Beth for holding the fort down last week while I was out for a conference.

Thank you Sue Lowery for quickly addressing a parent/fan issue.

Way to go Steve Garland on your many accomplishments this year! We are lucky to have you.

Thank you Ms. Lemon for organizing a staff event in the fall for our female staff.

Thank you John, Cindy, Beth, and Bobbie for continuing to work through the craziness of new requirements and ensure all students are truly college and career ready when they depart us!

Thank you Steph Dyer for continuing to help our most challenging seniors graduate!

Way to go Dawn for finishing up your internship!

Kudos Michael Bair on a fabulous performance last week! The reviews have been overwhelmingly phenomenal.

Thank you Mischelle Colella for constantly looking for ways to make our school better!

Thank you Justin Baker, Peter O’Connor, and Mischelle Collela for attending a technology conference last week!

Thank you to all the teachers and their organizations for the gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week! Much appreciated.

Thank you Jason for your tireless work on the SIP!

Bobbie…what can we say…THANK YOU for another successful week of testing!

Thank you, Sarah Hamilton, for organizing Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thanks to all organizations who participated in Teacher Appreciation Week- I feel SO appreciated!

Thanks to Debbie, Leslie, Ayako and all teachers who guard and serve our duckling friends!

Thank you to Bethanne & Bryan for covering my end of the day classes when "mommy duty" called.

Great job Science Dept. for meeting deadlines!

I’d like to thank my co-workers (Cindy, Kim, Jayne, and possibly others) for helping cover for me during a family emergency on Monday.

Thank you, Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Moore, for helping us get food for Japanese National Honor Society for teacher appreciation week.

Thank you, Mrs. Downin, for being listening ears.