2015: A Year in Review

Best of the Best from 2015

Below are my favorite things that happened in 2015. From technology to crowning a champion in the world of sports, scroll down to see it all!


Sports Big 3

New Products

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was released in early April. It certainly didn't disappoint anyone at Apple with its sales. The Apple Watch was the first wearable technology developed by Apple. You could make and receive calls as well as use it for fitness purposes. With all the apps for the device is there anything it can't do?


The craze for civilian use of drones later in 2015 spiked. It was becoming the thing to have. Drone were being used for all sorts of recreational things like taking pictures and videos. They were also tested by Amazon to see if a drone could deliver your packages. The only issue with them is that they were quickly put under strict regulations as to where they could be flown due to the number of complaints by airports.

Films of the Year

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

With the announcement that a new Star Wars movie was coming out brought out the inner Jedi in everyone. Companies trying to market their products would play off the movie and relate their product to Star Wars trying to get people to buy their product. At the same time those commercials were all over the place so Star Wars was gaining popularity quickly. It broke records at the box office and attracted people from all over.

The Martian

Released at the very start of October it made in the neighborhood of $55M on the first weekend it was released. The film wasn't advertised like some of the others, but on some of the movie channels on TV they would sometimes have an ad or two for The Martian. Besides those few ads it was only at the theater that ads were shown.



When her new album 25 came out the long awaited day had arrived. With Adele's return she quickly jumped to the top of the top of the music charts. When she released the new album ads went up all over the music world. iTunes, Billboard and other popular music sites lit up with Adele advertisements. The album was also advertised well with her concert series that she did in late 2015. Adele's album did well because people like her and the media outlets were popular ones.


Claiming the number one stop multiple time in 2015, Future's album DS2 was the top hip-hop album throughout 2015. Music doesn't get advertised as much as movies and other important things so finding out about the release was mostly through iTunes and social media. It also spread by people tell other people and telling them to listen to some of the songs. The mixtapes were put in the right places for hip-hop likers to find it.

Five Influential People

Eric Berry

Eric Berry is a Cornerback for the Kansas City Cheifs football team. Berry was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2014. He was forced off the field by one of the worst diseases on planet Earth. The following year Berry was good as new. Having beaten cancer is an accomplishment in of itself, but to be able to return to the football field and play again was remarkable. Eric Berry returned to the field for the preseason after he was cleared to play in late July.

Lebron James

Lebron James is Lebron James, he is one of the best basketball players to ever play the game, but he's also a helpful person in his community. The Lebron James Family Foundation helped thousands of less fortunate kids in his home town of Akron, Ohio.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry has inspired many young kids to play basketball after his incredible season last year. He was voted the NBA's MVP over Lebron James. With his incredible season younger athletes will look up to him and say they want to be like him.

Cam Newton

Cam Newton set up a charitable organization that helped feed over 900 children this Thanksgiving. He called it "Cam's Thanksgiving Jam". Those 900 kids were invited to eat a Thanksgiving meal with volunteers, other people in the foundation and Cam Newton himself.

Peyton Manning

During the 2015-2016 NFL season there was a shooting in Manning's home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Manning being the person he is set up a fund to help the people of Chattanooga. At the line of scrimmage Manning also says the word, "Omaha" and every time he says this word a certain dollar amount is donated to a charity.

New Year's Goals

Personal Improvement:

I would like to get better at baseball.

Family and Friends:

I would like to meet some new people this year.

School and Outside World:

I want to get into a good college.