Literary Element Stations

By: Tania, Josie, Genesis,Andrea

station #1

3 Universal Themes for Roar, Brave, What doesn't kill you make you stronger

a. You're better than you think you are- "roar"

b. Be courageous and try new things- "honestly I wanna see you be brave"

c. Be strong and never look down at yourself- "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

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characterization station

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Station #4

Plot: Nothing is on earth accept Wall-E and trash,he is feeling very lonely until Eve come and his life changes

Climax: they go to space to save eve and try to escape.

Tone: they want us to recycle and take of earth

Mood: guilty

Simile: We're coming down

Comin' down to earth
Like babies at birth
Metaphor: earth is a flower that needs to be cared for.