Adobe House Style

Housing Project

Early & Modern Adobe Houses Construction

  • Adobe is a spanish word for mud brick. The houses back in the day were made of sand, clay, water, and other organic materials.
  • They are extremely durable, and were one of the first house styles ever made.
  • If you compare it to a wooden house/building the adobe house has many advantages like they're so much better in hot climates.
  • Now Adobe houses are made for wetter and cooler climates, although they still use much of the earlier architectural design.
  • It is now made of cement and plaster.
  • Still some of the Pueblo people of New Mexico, still live in adobe complexes and have been for nearly 1,000 years.
  • The first adobe houses were built by Indigenous people that lived in the southwestern United States, Latin America, and South America in the 8th century BC.

Design & Cost

The house design:

  • Massive walls that have round edges.
  • Stepped levels.
  • Blunt angles
  • Flat roofs with ends of wooden beams projecting through the walls also know as vigas.
  • Rough-hewn timber structural members
The cost to build/buy an modern adobe house averages around 300,000 - 500,000.

Earlier adobe homes used to be one of the cheapest homes to buy.

Other Fun Facts

  • Back in the day, in order to survive humans had to build Adobe homes to protect them from the weather and dangerous prey.
  • They were the safest of the homes
  • Pueblos Indians lived in these houses
  • They are very green/eco houses, save a lot of energy.
  • They have always been waterproof