March Kudos

Celebrating March Madness with the LacocoDots!

Congrats to our top sellers in March!! Can't believe how much free product credit was awarded to so many team members!!

Lindsey Hermida $7,919.00

Carolyn Barnes $6,370.00

Katy Barnes $4,552.00

Rebecca Dimartino $3,616.00

Lindsay Green $3,026.00

Roxanne Harrell $2,781.00

Alissa Graves $2,461.00

Catherine Eck $2,312.00

Lauren Train $2,102.00

Whitney Davidiuk $2,074.00

Ashley Bardash $2,014.00

brooke nix $2,002.00

Stefanie Edwards $1,718.00

Beth Okun $1,572.00

Julie Foster $1,553.00

Laura Decker $1,545.00

Christi Turner $1,486.00

Alison Rubinas $1,448.00

Stephanie Whitman $1,357.00

Amanda Hlubek $1,253.00

Karla Woods $1,041.00

Anna Brock $1,018.00

Meagan Puckett $1,003.00

Welcome New Stylists!!

We want to offer a warm welcome to all of our new stylists who joined in February and March!

Michele Dilolle, Cherry Hill, NJ- sponsored by Lindsey Hermida

Rochelle Valsaint, Atlanta, GA- sponsored by Julie Foster

Amy Sery, Atlanta, GA- sponsored by Alissa Turnbull

Stefanie Edwards, Lake Jackson, TX- sponsored by Brooke Nix

Paige Evatt, Chattanooga, TN- sponsored by Mandy Hlubek

Kelsey Coghill, Grosse Pointe, MI- sponsored by Karla Woods

Tanya Bodsford, Cookeville, TN- sponsored by Karla Woods

Jessica Palmer, Tampa, FL- sponsored by Brooke Nix

Alice Sisco, Madison, MS- sponsored by Caitlin Brock

Extra Kudos for March!

A big shoutout to Catherine Eck. She is still somewhat of a "newbie" still to Stella & Dot with only just signing up in January, but she has been consistently rocking it out with her sales. How? Well she has been following the training that Stella & Dot has given us. She has been wearing the jewelry, constantly talking to people about Stella & Dot and if they would like to host and then staying on top of her hostess coaching. And with her awesome March earnings...what's she doing with them? She is using them to go to Hoopla!!

Stefanie Edwards - who signed up on March 2nd & had her launch show/her FIRST trunk show on March 24th which ended up being an $1,700 TS!!! If starting off with a BANG was her goal, mission accomplished!

Big kudos to Meagan Puckett who has been a stylist for almost three years... she took some time off from her S&D biz and recently decided to jump back in! She has a goal of earning enough to buy an iPad for herself!! With over $1,000 in sales in both February and March, she's on a roll!! She's going to be able to treat herself to more than just an iPad at this rate!

Director (DixieDazzlers), Carolyn Barnes, continues to lead by setting a stellar example for her team! She holds the bar high and encourages her team to dream big! She's has qualified 5 new stylists since January, she is consistently at the top of our sales board and she's a booking queen! Her dedication and tenacity is inspiring!

Brooke Nix - for wanting to start to Sponsor just this January for the first time since signing up this past May 2012. Since January 31st she has since sponsored FOUR new Stylists!!! Brooke Nix is on a "sharing the opportunity" roll!!! You go girl!

Lauren Train has decided to kick her business into high gear and not take no for an answer! After going through a difficult pregnancy and having a newborn (child #2), she's been rebuilding her trunk show calendar and working on growing her awesome team! Her March calendar didn't quite live up to it's expectation, but she pulled out some great sales and earned lots of product credit! When she got an order for over $500 from a person she met at a vendor event, her CAN'Ts turned into CANs and she ended up with over $2,000 in sales for March!

Karla Woods doesn't stop! March was a tough month for Karla...she had a healthy trunk show schedule going into March but unfortunately (as we all know), people cancel or reschedule for whatever reason. But Karla, didn't throw in the towel and give up. Instead, she continues working hard booing shows BUT also talks up our amazing stylist opportunity to everyone. And what happens??? She sponsors 2 new stylists. That is a sign of not only a great stylist, but a great leader.

New stylist Paige Evatt has hit the ground running!. Paige started her business out by building a very healthy trunk show calendar. By the time she signed up (beginning of March), she already had booked 6 trunk shows for March and April! Talk about taking action and making the most of JUMPSTART!

Michele DiLolle - for setting a goal to make the most of her of her JumpStart period which began on February 20th! She has since hit her $300 JumpStart mark & put EIGHT trunk shows on the books in the month of March for this April & coming May!!! She epitomizes "proactive!"

Rebecca DiMartino - for setting the goal in late-March of racking up as much jewelry credit as possible for the new Summer line! She went on to have an OVER $1,600 trunk show all the while in her 3rd trimester of pregnancy!!! Her goal since she signed up in late-January was to not loose momentum as her 2nd child's arrival approached... She had a close to $4,000 month for March! Can we all say, "Mama is on her game, much!?!"

Alissa Turnbull showed why she is an amazing stylist in March! After some postponed shows and a trunk show calendar that went from great to disappointing, Alissa worked her business to reach her goals despite the setbacks! She dialed for dollars, kept a positive attitude and continued to build her calendar for April (starting the month with 5 booked, and adding more!) So proud of Alissa for never giving up!

Last, but not least, EVERYONE who has registered for HOOPLA!! Especially the first timers-- Attending Hoopla can be a life changing experience! Attending does require a commitment from each stylist- leaving loved ones for a few days, arranging schedules, giving up vacation time, perhaps even facing a fear of flying on an airplane.... I am so excited for each and every stylist on our team who is taking the leap of faith to join us for what will be a truly amazing experience that you won't regret!!! The LacocoDots are going to take Vegas by storm and it's gonna be AWESOME.

**This monthly feature is for everyone! If a stylist on your team has done something extra special, send me the kudos on the last day of the month so we can all celebrate!**



Congrats to everyone who has reached Level ONE!!! So many are SO CLOSE to earning level 1 and we have some people almost to level 2!! With THREE months left to earn points, Puerto Vallarta could be YOURS!!!

Level ONE earners as of March 31, 2013

Carolyn Barnes - Susan Carruth - Lindsey Hermida - Mandy Hlubek - Amanda Shaw - Alussa Turnbull - Lindsey Green - Katy Barnes

Stylist Spotlight: Lead Stylist, Beth Okun

Beth always exudes a great passion for Stella & Dot! There's a certain sparkle that shines from Beth that comes across whether you're hanging out with her at local events or reading her posts on our team FB page! To know Beth is to love her! Beth was a hostess turned stylist, and launched her business in November 2011. She has a full time job in addition to S&D, and has an adorable daughter. Beth consistently holds 1 to 3 shows a month, is building a team and is a great asset to our team!

-Beth's WHY – To supplement my income (I want to buy my baby girl anything!) and because I love fashion and really how to use details (make-up and accessories) to make a look come together. I was in the beauty/fashion industry for several years in NYC, and through Stella and Dot, I’m able to keep my finger on the pulse!
-Beth's Best Success Tip – Always be prepared to talk about Stella & Dot!

LaCocoDots Team

Katy Barnes, Independent Stylist and Director

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