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October 28th, 2022

Happy Halloween, Patrick Henry!

Last week on Friday, October 28th, we celebrated Halloween as a school community. Our celebration included nine VERY festive stations led by Patrick Henry staff and supported by BJC volunteers and Patrick Henry parents! Our students and staff dressed up and they did not hold back on their amazing outfits. It was so fun to see our students dressed up and enjoying a safe trick-or-treating experience that also included games, music, taste tests, fortune telling, and so much more! Take a look below for a snapshot of the fun that we had at every station!

Station 1: Harry Potter World

Students got to experience the magic of Harry Potter through a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean taste test with Dr. Rogers and her husband, Mr. Curtis! If you don't know what Bertie Botts EVERY Flavor Beans are...take a look at the link below to see them really mean what they say about EVERY flavor!!
EVERY Known Flavour of Bertie Bott's Beans - Harry Potter Explained

Station 2: Fortune Telling

Ms. Byson and Ms. Evans teamed up as the Reading Specialists, but instead of reading books, they read students' futures in their Fortune Telling experience!

Station 3: Limbo

Ms. Gonzalez led our students in a loose-limbed version of Limbo as they showed up their flexibility to some awesome Halloween tunes!

Station 4: Pumpkin Head Challenge

Ms. Godfrey challenged her students to walk with a pumpkin balanced on their heads at her station. Students were incredibly impressive at this task!

Station 5: Wizard Tag

Mrs. Ralphs kept the magic of Harry Potter going at her station, where students got to chase after each other in a classic game of Wizard Tag!

Station 6: Dora the Explorer

Ms. Webb brought the adventures to Patrick Henry with her Dora the Explorer station! Students had to find treats using a map and a series of clues, just like the cartoon from their childhood!

Station 7: Hocus Pocus

Ms. Bailey and Ms. Zonnie brought in a great taste-testing station to make sure all of our students got a chance to experience a "Witches' Brew!"

Station 8: Creating Casper

Ms. Smith and Ms. Jones had an art station for students to make their own friendly ghosts!

Station 9: Flashback Friday

Ms. Gregory and Ms. Harris were kickin it with some old school throwback music at their dance party station!

Thank you, Community Partners!

We had a new community partner donate Halloween treats to Patrick Henry students this year that came in the form of cute bags with even cuter supplies and sweet treats inside! Thank you to our new friends at Central Reform Congregation! Fun note - not only did these treats come from a new partner, but the new partners were mostly kids who built out the bags and made sure they were packaged well for our kids. While I love working with adults and partnering with corporations, there is something unique and special about seeing students connect with their peers from another part of the city through community service. Thank you, Central Reform Congregation!
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Highlights from Halloween

Celebrating Red Ribbon Spirit Week

Last week, we not only celebrated Halloween with fun stations throughout the school, but we also celebrated being Drug Free for Red Ribbon Week! Our students and staff got to participate in a Spirit Week with some amazing themed days, and we took part in a week-long celebration of our drug-free school community! Thank you to Ms. Gregory, School Counselor, for planning this fun and positive week!

Monday: Nerd Day!

We celebrated our inner nerds by letting it all show on our outward appearance. Everyone has a nerdy side to them, and this week our students were cute as pie while they let themselves shine!

Some of us teachers did not have to try very hard to make ourselves look nerdy...because we made a whole career out of being nerdy! We love to learn and if that makes us nerds, we are PROUD NERDS!

Tuesday: Twin Day

Students paired up to dress like a "twin" for the day and the results were pretty entertaining. Staff went all out to make sure their work twin looked just like them, and there were even some triplets, and quadruplets in the mix!

Wednesday: Wacky Tacky Day

Wednesday's outfits were out of this world wacky!! It was hilarious to see how wild the looks got, and it was even funnier to look down and see how many mismatched shoes there were in this building on Wednesday! Take a look at some of these rowdy highlights from Wednesday's weirdos!

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

We kept it old school on Thursday by dressing from another time, another phase of life, or even a whole different era!

What does it mean to be drug free?

Red Ribbon Week is a national celebration that asks students, schools, and families to think about what it means to make a choice to be drug-free. This week is dedicated to giving students their best chance at living a full, happy, and healthy life free from drugs and their negative influence. We love that our Patrick Henry students have committed to this vision for their futures, and we thank our Patrick Henry families and community partners for supporting our students on their quest to celebrate life living drug free!
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Congrats, STAR Winners!

Perfect Attendance for October

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On Monday, October 31st, we had FIFTY students to celebrate, all of whom had perfect attendance for the month of October! This means that our students were here every single day, on time, and they stayed the entire school day. We are so thankful for our families who support our students' attendance by bringing them on time and keeping them in school. Our new celebration count started on November 1st, so please make sure your child is here on time every day during this short month!

Upcoming Events at Patrick Henry

November 1st: New Attendance Month

On Tuesday, November 1st, we will start fresh in the race for excellent attendance! Make sure you are here every day the month of November so that you can be celebrated for your amazing attendance!

November 8th: No School

In honor of Election Day, all SLPS schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 8th. Make sure you find your polling place and vote!

November 11th: No School

In honor of Veterans' Day, all SLPS schools will be closed on Friday, November 11th. Learn more about Veterans' Day by visiting the links below: