I have a dream

The change in life/world that I would like

By Joselyn Xochipa

Martin Luther King-I have a dream

Martin Luther king was a great leader of the Civil rights he wanted people that were African Americans to have the same rights as the white people because their Laws of the place they lived was a lot of racism African Americans did not had clean buses,had to set at the back of the bus if a white person did not had a seat to set on they had to move if not could got to jail for that, did not had new books...Finally the Civil rights ended white people were mixed with un-white people they had to go the same school,classroom,bathroom,water-fountain,and they could finally could set by each other at the bus...

The change in life/world I would like

Everybody from other places that people wont know/ all races and peoples background should stop judging others for what their wearing and laughing of their background; if their Chinese, Japanese,Mexican... like some people like African Americans and Americas... think that all people that speak Spanish;THEY QUICKLY THINK WE ARE MEXICANS when NOT ALL PEOPLE are MEXICANS they could be from: Guatemala,Mexico, Argentina,Chile, Dominic Republic,Nicaragua,Uruguay,United States,Belize,Andorra.Only because all does places speak Spanish don't mean that they are Mexicans all of the people mite have in accent when talking in Spanish. TREAT OTHERS THE SAME WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED no calling people name in their face or behind their back...