Summer Spirit

Gayle Friesen

The Isabel Factor

In my book pass book, two friends, Anna and Zoe, have been planning to go to summer camp together as CITs (Counselors In Training). Anna was a people pleaser while Zoe was competitive and brave. Their summer camp took place in Vancouver. Two days before summer camp, Zoe broke her arm and wasn't able to go to summer camp. Anna didn't want to go but Zoe wanted her to go. Anna was very nervous about going alone. On the way to summer camp, in the ferry, she saw a girl with rainbow colored hair standing alone plucking petals from a daisy saying" Hates me" and "Hates me not" and wonders if she will get to see her again. Zoe not being at summer camp was a problem for Anna’s cabin. Zoe was the most competitive person in their cabin and her cabin needed her. Anna soon became friends with a girl named Isabel who she saw in the ferry. Isabel was disliked by all her cabin mates except for Anna because she always spoke her mind and Anna thought she was honest. When Isabel and Anna where getting along fine, Zoe comes to summer camp too. Zoe was jealous and didn’t like that Anna was spending more time with Isabel than her. Zoe and Isabel had an argument because Isabel told that what Zoe was doing was lame in front of all Zoe’s kids. Jennifer, the cabin leader, and Zoe didn’t like Isabel. Anna soon realizes that Zoe had been bossing her around. Anna learned to stop worrying about what people thought about her and to be herself. The main conflict in this book was that Isabel went missing and Anna thought she ran away because no one liked her. But she went to see her mother who lived far from home. Anna went in search for Isabel and found her sitting at a corner booth. Isabel said she had to go see her mom. Anna also went with her even though it was the day of the race. Isabel met her mom and Anna missed her race. When she came back, she had a small race with her competitor. In the end Zoe told Anna that she didn't know Anna could swim like that. She also told sorry for being jealous. On the way back, she

Faith Helvey

Best friends forever - KSM ..almost started crying.. by Faith Helvey