Child labour

Fight for the children

Give children a future

Child labour affects more than 250 million children in the world, this number is too high. Your childhood should be a nice time, where you have no worries or responsibilities. But for these childeren it is the opposite. In many countries child labour is still common. Young children, starting from an age of five years old, are forced to work long hours in factories.

Child labour is not an easy issue to resolve. When you close a factory which is known for using child labour, it may cause more harm than good. Many of these children are from very poor families and really need the money. So these children would have to go find other work, that's less paid than the previous or further from their home. In some cases young children even have to prostitute themselves.

I think this is a major issue in the world and there should be more effort the decrease the percentage of child labourers. Your childhood determines partly who you become so it’s definitely something to fight for. These children have done nothing wrong but in some cases still have no opportunity for a good life. This has to change.

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