Financial Aid Fundamentals

Colleges/Trade Schools

Berklee College of Music


  • Located in Boston, MA
  • Yearly tuition is $37,800
  • Is available online
  • Ways to save up:
- Put part of my paychecks in a savings account

-Apply for scholarships


-Family savings or earnings

-Work study

- Loans

  • Mascot is "Mingus the Jazz Cat"
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Would I consider this college?

I would. It's a place to start a music career. I'm not exactly sure what I'd like to do later in life, but music has been a part of for as long as I can remember. I'm constantly listening to music, I've been in band for over 6 years now. I love being able to play instruments. I want to learn to play other instruments as well. This is something I would love to pursue.

New York University


  • Located in New York, NY
  • Yearly tuition is $46,170 currently
  • Online classes are available
  • Ways to pay tuition - Save money from paychecks - Apply for scholarships -Grants -Family earnings and savings -Loans
  • Mascot is a Bobcat
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Would I attend?

The tuition is definitely higher. However, I'm not 100% on my career yet so it all just depends. This college came up when I was looking for photography based colleges and this one came up and caught my attention. New York is somewhere I've been wanting to go since I was eight years old. It's where I always thought I'd end up living. Looking back now and being more realistic, I'm not sure that's what I want exactly. I do love photography and I did a speech over this career last year so I do have a lot information on it. Photography being something I enjoy, I would prefer music. If music weren't to work out, I would definitely attend assuming I could make the tuition work.