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  1. Having a social media strategy is now part of MOST company marketing strategies. Without a current strategy, you will be left playing catch-up.
  2. Social media marketing may be tricky without the latest up-to-date information. Unfortunately for many, the “old rules” of direct marketing don’t apply to them today.
  3. Social media marketing strategies are constantly changing. This means that many 6 month old tactics are now obsolete. How old are your social media strategies?
  4. BONUS REASON – Everyone who attends will receive a GIFT! It will be something that will help you grow your social media IMPACT!

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Social Media Success (in Less Than An Hour A Day)! – FREE Webinar!

Wednesday, Sep. 4th, 7-8pm

This is an online event.

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Host: Tarra Jackson

After several positions in financial services, business development and business management, Tarra found that online marketing was the niche for her. With years of experience working with both corporate level and local business clients, Tarra is looking to continually extend her Social Media portfolio to companies looking to grow in the online marketing world.