Forecasts for the Week of Oct. 3

This Week's Concepts at a Glance

In Class Assignments

  • Friday, students will take a post-test on addition & subtraction to include word problems, estimation (rounding) & solving number sentences. They will also have a word study quiz.
  • Students will be graded in writing based on their ability to form sentences, apply capitalization rules, & design a paragraph. Students will be writing paragraphs to inform others about what they have learned about skin.
  • This week students will begin working on their Reading Portfolio passages. The passages are part of RTA (Read to Achieve legislation). Students are tested on 12 of the ELA (English Language Arts Standards). Altogether, students will complete 36 different reading passages. If a student is not successful with an ELA standard they will work on that standard in a small group and will then have additional opportunities to demonstrate mastery.
  • MClass reading reports went home last week. The grade level expectation for students for the middle of the year benchmark is Level O and the end of the year is Level P. Mini-lessons in class support students fluency and comprehension skills to include written expression. Please discuss with your child if he or she is engaging in mini-lessons and staying on task during reading.
  • The end of the marking period the county will administer reading and math assessments to determine how students are progressing. I will send additional information as I find out more.


  • Please go to the school web page, select my page and go to File Manager for word study assignments.
  • Please talk to your child about how he or she is progressing during read to self. At this developmental level students should be reading 90 minutes per day (combining home & school). Many students are actively reading during independent reading in the classroom or read with someone. Some students are still working on staying in one place during reading, committing to a good fit book & reading the whole time.
  • Papers will go home on Monday, instead of Friday. Please review your child's work. Those students who were not successful on reading and math assignments were pulled in small groups to focus on the skills that they needed. Some students rushed their work and it effected their proficiency.