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FMS 8th Grade Newsletter: March 18 - April 3

Upcoming Information

*Parent meeting cancelled and will be rescheduled! Washington, D.C. and New York, NY 2021 Trip Details:

2021 trip to D.C. and N.Y. parent meeting is being rescheduled. Flyers will be sent home upon students returning to school. Contact Mrs. Yates with questions: hyates@fulton58.org


Unit Objective:

8. RL.1.A Use context to determine the figurative meanings of words or phrases.


Students received packets with activities and daily practice they can do at home. These activities include reading informational text and answering questions, practicing with homophones, and figurative language activities. Students should aim to work on this packet each day... they could do one page a day or 15 minutes a day to spread out the work over our break.

Students also identified and took home a novel. They should read every day and complete the book report that was included in their packet.

Students should make sure all missing work is completed and submitted.

Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask questions!




We are here for you! #FultonProud #FMSteach


Unit 7 Objectives:

GM.B: Understanding and applying the Pythagorean Theorem.

Students need to do a lesson a day starting with Lesson 9. After each lesson they need to work on the Practice Problems for that lesson. These were sent home in a packet.

Please have your child email us if they have any questions! They have been told we will be checking our emails from 12-2.



Advanced Math

Topic 9 Objective:

Simplify and Factor Polynomials

Videos will be posted daily at 10:00 am in Google Classroom.

If your child has any questions, they have been told to email me between 12 - 2.



Students were given the choice of working on their build project over this time period. Here is the link to information regarding the project

To prepare for our next unit of study students were given a Sound and Light textbook along with a list of lessons and sections within the book to complete. Here is that list.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at lshrout@fulton58.org pknipe@fulton58.org

Social Studies

ALL 8th Grade Social Studies students who were present at FMS on Tuesday, March 17th received a packet of enrichment worksheets, and activities. This work is in relationship to our current objective over the Declaration of Independence and Revolutionary War. Students are encouraged to check Google Classroom as additional resources will be posted there. Historical fiction and nonfiction books and movies are another way to enrich yourself with these history topics. We will truly miss everyone over this extended break and hope to see you all soon.

Unit Objective:

Explain how events and ideas of this time period pushed and/or pulled people to move West.

This Week in History:

We began learning about how the United States acquired Florida, Texas, California, New Mexico and Utah.


Please check Google Classroom for the most up-to-date assignments in the coming weeks. Please also remember to check our digital resource site for more history videos and articles at: https://sites.google.com/fulton58.org/8thgradefms/social-studies

Questions? Email your child's social studies teacher:

Lara Brunk - lbrunk@fulton58.org

Chris Crowson - ccrowson@fulton58.org -