The Legend Of Zelda

An old classic


Zelda Skyward Sword Dubstep by GXC

Basics of the Game

The basics of the game is to kill monsters, bosses, defeat dungeons, save Princess Zelda, and collect rupees to buy potions and upgrade your sword, shield, bow and other tools!

Math in Zelda

How does it involve math you ask? Well the rupees are currency in Zelda. A green rupee = 1 A blue rupee = 5 and a yellow rupee = 10. A red rupee = 20, a purple rupee = 50 and dark green rupee=100 and an orange rupee = 200

Algebraic Question: X + y = 250, what is x and y using the information given above.

Algebra in Zelda

There is also algebra in Zelda, using Rupee's again!

So, as you had seen in the "Math In Zelda" section we made an algebraic equation.

Also the rate is: 3 Steps to 4 running steps.

If you take 3.4 hearts off of a boss, and it still had 3 hearts, how many hearts did it have the first time? Answer: 6.4 hearts in all.