Hawk Talk

Volume 2, Issue 31 Week of May 16-20, 2016

Important this Week!

Student Council Toy Drive this Week


  • Sunday, May 15; Summer Learning Registration Opens (Eduphoria) 2pm

  • Jeanie out for meeting 8-10
  • 5th Grade to Brick 12:30
  • Box Top Party 2:00
  • Last Day of Choir


  • 4th and 5th Math Pentathlon
  • Jeanie at Leadership 9-2 hosted here in Hajek Library
  • ARDs-Check your calendars and please be on time!
  • Last day of Digital Media Club
  • Happy Birthday, Stacie Hoffman!
  • Dive Into Summer Reading @ BHS Library from 6-8 pm https://goo.gl/TrQn6m


  • ARDs, ARDs, ARDs, Please check your calendars and be on time!
  • Choir to NRH2O
  • Alison's Wedding Shower, 3:30 and Staff PLC


  • 2nd/3rd Math Pentathlon
  • ARDs-Check your calendars and please be on time!
  • Shaquel off campus meeting: 10:30-12:30
  • Birthday cupcakes at 2
  • Last day for Passport Club
  • TAG Showcase 6pm


  • Gross, Peters, Toomer, Wing-Jenkins out. If your subs cancel, we will hide all of your supplies and you will have recess, lunch, before, after, and during school duty forever. The rest of us...Power through and BE AT SCHOOL! Talons Out! (It's the best I could find for Hawk toughness!) ;-D
  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to Fort Worth Museum
  • Happy Birthday Wendee Neubauer!

URGENT: Students Below Grade Level, ACTION REQUIRED

Last August we examined the effect having a student below grade level has on our students and teachers from year to year. This time of year is the perfect time to think outside the box when it comes to a strong finish for all of our students. We will be studying this again when we meet again in August.

This time of year is perfect for flexing-not just during intervention, but throughout the day. Those students who aren't quite there deserve our efforts to get them there. Flexing is merely one method. I know you may have other ideas. Our vision of individualized education to foster growth mindset in our students will not come into fruition as long as we rely on the same interventions we have always used. Retention is also not always the answer. It is imperative that as classroom teachers, we have done everything possible to ensure our struggling learners are successful.

Please remember to TURN OFF the laminator! It was left on Friday afternoon!

Remainder of the Year


Though testing is completed, we still have curriculum to cover. This is not the time for less structured time, movies, game days, etc...


Jana, Sarah, and I are spending a great deal of time lately with incidents because of the time of the year and the excitement of the kids. The more unstructured time there is, the more issues we will have.


Many of you are finishing up BAS assessments and some of you are beginning them. We know the difficulty in individual assessments with 21 others in the room. This is the time for well planned, engaging stations to minimize disruption. Jana, Sarah, Courtney, and Joyce and I are here to assist you. We will also assist with EOY assessment issues whenever our schedules allow.

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Requesting Items from PTO

There is a protocol for requesting funds for PTO. There is a request form on Hajek Conference. PTO funds are raised to support all students. Keeping this in mind, large ticket items for one class or one grade level does not support "all students." Initial requests have to be approved by me first, and those approved will be sent to the PTO board. I know we would all like a set of chrome books in our classroom/grade level, but we cannot take a majority of the funds for a small population. I will look into a way we can maybe get a set for the school to share.

Thank you for all your flexibility and participation!

With the countless events during the last few weeks of school, I want to thank all of you for your flexibility and willingness to jump in and assist when needed. Thank you for a wonderful Field Day experience for our kids! Thank you for your countless efforts during testing. Thank you for making Muffins with Mom so effortless with PTO. Thank you for your dedication to Relay for Life. The list gets longer and longer. Please know your efforts do not go unnoticed and that your flexibility and willingness to participate are appreciated!