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What is bullying?

It is intentional, usually repeated acts of physical, written, or verbal aggression by a peer or group of peers being of strength or power with the goal of hurting the person physically or damaging status and/or social reputation.

Parents come and find out how to help your son(s) and/or daughter(s)!

Is there any warning signs? Talking with your children about bullying may be hard but there are ways to help them without pushing them away. Make yourself open for discussion on topics such as bullying. Tell them that you will be with them every step of the way.

Where does bullying occur? How often? How can I help my child?

Unfortunately, bullying usually occurs where adults are not around and this makes the bullies all the more powerful. According to the National Education Association, an estimated 160,000 children miss school every day because they are scared or feel intimidated by other students. You, as a parent will learn how to talk with your children about bullying and how to make it stop. For instance, tell your children to not isolate themselves, if possible, in areas where there are no adults around and try and go where there is at least one adult.

Who gets bullied?

Children who have low social skills, low self esteem, shy and withdrawn, speech impairment such as stuttering, mental or physical disability, different race or sexual orientation, overweight. Gay, lesbian, or bi children are more likely to get bullied than hetero sexual children.

We are here to help parents every step of the way!

You need to listen to your children when they complain about being bullied because by that stage they probably have tried to fix the problem themselves. Also boys tend to physically bully boys while girls tend to


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