Conley Chronicle

July 2023

From the Desk of Mrs. Shore

Dear Conley Coyotes,

What an incredible beginning to our 2023-2024 school year! We are thrilled to announce that our campus is now bustling with over 800 coyotes—724 enthusiastic students and 85 dedicated Conley staff members. Together, we are fostering meaningful connections, providing unwavering support to our students, and leveling up our learning experiences!

Throughout this week, our classrooms have been fully dedicated to cultivating a strong classroom culture, establishing essential routines, and fostering genuine connections among students and educators. It has been an enriching experience as we all get to know each other and lay the foundation for a remarkable year of learning!

The Arizona heat is absolutely relentless! Every single day this week, we've had to call a "Heat Day" and do not see it letting up anytime soon. According to the district policy, we call for a Heat Day when the temperature reaches 105 degrees or higher, or when the "feels like" temperature (temperature + humidity) reaches 105 or higher.

However, amidst the scorching weather, we're determined to make the most of it! Our team is hard at work, putting together game carts and other inside activities for the students to enjoy during indoor recess. We believe it's essential to keep them engaged and active despite the weather challenges.

If you'd like to contribute and make a positive impact on the students' indoor recess experience, we gladly welcome any game donations. Just ensure they have all their pieces intact, and we'll happily accept them!

We take hydration seriously, and our school provides convenient refilling stations in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room) and every classroom is equipped with a water spout for easy bottle refills. Please send your student to school with a refillable water bottle each day.

Finally, thank you to the families who so quickly donated bulks of earbuds to our school! Within a very short time we got what we need to start assessing next week! THANK YOU!

We are ready for an amazing year ahead with the entire Conley Community! Game on, YOTES!

Mrs. Shore

Pick up and Drop Off

From day 1 to day 3, our drop-off and pick-up process has significantly improved, and we couldn't have done it without your patience and cooperation. Thank you for trusting us as we worked diligently to implement safe and efficient procedures.

Moving forward, we've implemented some changes for smoother and safer pick-up procedures:

For 5th and 6th-grade drop offs and pick-ups (Enter and Exit the West side of Conley):

- Access "Coyote Way" via Pennington (located west of the school). You can reach this street from both Pecos and Frye, then turn left into the parking lot.

- When leaving this parking lot, please make a right turn and head back to Pennington for your exit.

- There may be a time we need to stop traffic and let our busses in and out so they can stay on their route schedule, but it will be quick!

- If you are parking in this lot to get your student, please do not park in the spots that say "Reserved 1, Reserved 2 and Reserved 3" as these are need for families/students who need assistance. Thank you.

For K-4th-grade drop offs and pick-ups (Enter and Exit the East side of Conley):

- Enter "Coyote Way" from Arrowhead. It's recommended to approach Arrowhead via Frye road and remain close to the curb while waiting in line.

- When leaving this parking lot, there's a new route: make a left turn, then exit Coyote Way by turning right onto Arrowhead, heading south towards Pecos.

-If you are parking in this lot, please do not park in the Handicap spots unless you have a Handicap Parking Permit, as we have several families who need those spots.

We understand that these adjustments may require a short adjustment period, but rest assured, they are designed to enhance safety and efficiency for everyone. We appreciate your patience and cooperation, as this might result in a minor inconvenience on your route home.

Should you ever feel unsure about which way to turn for the exit, just follow the guidance of our Conley Staff members who will be present to assist you. Your understanding and support throughout this process are sincerely valued. Together, we'll make this new system seamless and successful.

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Free and Reduced Lunch

If you have not done this yet, please do it ASAP!

Each year we ask every family to complete a free and reduced lunch application. The reason we ask each family to do this is because we receive money from a federal grant based on the number of students who qualify for a free or reduced lunch. This funding allows us to provide additional support to all our students such as computer programs like Lexia and the hiring of additional staff such as our reading and math specialists.

Please take a moment to complete this application prior to school starting. If your child received free or reduced lunch last year a new application must be done each school year. Your child's status will carry over for the first 30 days of school but after that it will be charged full price until a new application is submitted and approved.

Breakfast is priced at $2.25 per meal and lunch $3.25 per meal. You can add money to your child's lunch account here.

Transportation Registration

We believe all of our students who need bussing have registered! If you still need bussing, and you are eligible (Conley is your home school and you live more than 1 mile away), must register for transportation services. Below you will find a document that shows you how to register for transportation. We are asking bus riders to please register ASAP to ensure transportation services are set up prior to the first day of school.

Annual Emergency and Annual Health Update

This is also something that every family needs to do each year! Please click the link below to get started! Next week, teachers will be reaching out to those famliies who have not completed it and offer assistance.

If you need assistance, please stop in the office and ask for Mrs. Adrianna, our Parent Liasion, and she can assist you!

As we welcome you back to a new school year, we want to remind you that we request each family to annually update and verify important information such as address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, handbook consents, etc. This will open on July 11th and must be completed for each student in CUSD.

Please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account (click here) to make any necessary changes to your family's account.

Once you log into your account, please follow these steps:

  • Click on "More" on the bottom left hand side of the portal screen
  • Click on "Annual Update and New Student Registration"
  • Click on "Start" next to the second 23-24 line that says "Not Started"
  • Click "Begin Registration"
  • If you are using the app, click the three lines on the top left, click on "More", and then click on "Annual Update and New Student Registration".

This update must be completed annually.

Please be advised that the answers provided on the Annual Update for the 22-23 school year will be end dated, so it's important that you complete this update for the 23-24 school year in order to have valid information for items such as Media Release, Internet Release, Virtual Consent, etc.

If you have not setup a parent portal account, please click here and follow the instructions on the site. Should you need any assistance or have any questions please contact your child's school.

Student Handbook

Please take a moment to review our CUSD student handbook. This handbook includes policies on dress code, technology, and many more important policies that pertain to school. Each year we ask families to not only review the handbook, but sign off that they have read it and understand it. You can find the handbook here.

A Night of Learning for Conley and Basha Families

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Library Corner - Mrs. Oetjen

New books/materials may be purchased during the month July for our school library. State law mandates that schools notify parents of the opening and closing public review period within seven (7) school days prior to the opening date. Therefore, this notice dated July 21, 2023 provides the opening date of the public review period for newly purchased library books/materials as Aug. 1, 2023 and the closing date as Aug. 9, 2023. (A.R.S. 15-721/15-722)

Our Conley Library is looking for a volunteer who is willing to work in the library 2-4 hours per week. A schedule will be made based on the volunteer’s availability, but the hours would be during the normal school day of 8:30am – 3:00pm. You will be working directly with our librarian, Mrs. Oetjen, and our library assistant, Mrs. Romero. The main responsibility will be reshelving library books. Other projects come up throughout the year which includes organizing, filing, and assisting with book fair preparations, and other special school events. If you have a few hours a week available and are outgoing and work well with others, we would love to have you. Please email our librarian, Mrs. Oetjen, at indicating your interest.

Mark Your Calendars

*August 2nd - Parent Night of Learning (Curriculum Night) & Annual Title One Meeting - 5:00pm or 6:00pm - In your student's Classroom.

*August 8th: School Picture Day

*August 10th: Parent Night of Learning - Guest Speaker Dr. Brandes @Basha Elementary - This is an event for Conley and Basha Families.

*August 23rd and 24th: Half Days - Parent Teacher Conferences - School out at 11:30am