The Olive Branch 3.12.21

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

Dear OMS families,

We can't get over how fast this year is flying by! As always, it has been a great week at the nest. We want to take a moment to thank the PTA for the recess equipment that was delivered. It was distributed this week. We are happy to report that all students spent their lunch recess outdoors today enjoying the new supplies.

Our students are learning and growing every day. Thank you for collaborating with us to make this a great year no matter what circumstances are thrown our way. Together we can finish the year strong and show our children how our community stands together!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Erin and Julia

Report Cards Emailed Today

All OMS report cards were issued today and sent to the email addresses of the parents/guardians on file. If you do not see your child's report card please check your junk email folder. If it isn't there, please contact our office at and we will resend it on Monday.

Spirit Week Next Week!

Next week is SPIRIT WEEK! Please help your child plan out the week in advance so they can join us each day by wearing the following:

Monday - Pajama Day

Enjoy school via Zoom while wearing jammies!

Tuesday - Hat Day

Funniest, warmest, biggest! - we can't wait to see all of the hats!

Wednesday - Green Day

green pants = wear them, green socks = wear them, green hair = go for it!

Thursday - Sports Day

favorite team, your team, local teams, team colors = let's show our team spirit

Friday - Tie-Dye or Rainbow Color Day

Bring on all of the colors!

Office Updates


To minimize classroom disruptions, the only thing that may be dropped off at school is a forgotten lunch. Please do not PLAN to bring lunches during the school day, this is only for lunches that are truly forgotten. IF your child forgot his/her lunch in your car or on the kitchen counter, please drop it off at the OMS office no later than 12:00pm. Lunch shifts begin at 12:15, the students are hungry, and we need a little bit of time to arrange to get the lunch to the student where they eat.

**Please keep in mind that children can go without a snack, a water bottle, or turning in a homework assignment - These items are their responsibility - If they forget it and have to go without, they are more likely to remember it the next day.


In the morning, if there are no OMS staff outside when you are dropping off your child, please escort your child to the front door and sign them in. Please do not drop your child at the curb and drive away. Just as in previous years, any student who arrives after the 9:05 bell (which is when our staff is no longer outside greeting students) must be signed in by a parent.


Just a reminder that many of our classrooms no longer have any students on zoom. The only students who are Zooming in for class each day are those that have chosen to be fully-remote or those who are quarantining for one reason or another. We understand that students may have a dentist appointment or other personal plans from time to time, and they may attend school for a partial day, just as in past years. A dentist appointment or other personal plan does not allow for a student to attend school remotely.


Please remember that the lunch hour ends and classroom instruction begins at 1:15. Teachers take attendance at 1:15 and then get back into their instruction time. Students arriving at the parking lot at 1:15 or later are late to class and we want to do our best to minimize disruption during our school lessons.

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