Fontaine Flier

September 20, 2015

Scheduling Parent-Teacher Conferences

As a Black Bob staff are hoping to provide our families and the teachers with a time saving tool this year as we sign up for Parent Teacher Conferences. Families with more than one child received a link on Friday, to aid with scheduling multiple conferences. Families that have one child here at Black Bob, will be receiving the link on Monday morning. If you have any problems please contact me or Mrs. Putthoff.

Conferences will be held:

  • October 14 from 4:30 -8:30 PM for 1st Grade-5th Grade
  • October 15 from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM for Early Childhood- 5th Grade, with a dinner break provided for teachers from 4-5PM on Thursday.
  • Early Childhood/ Pre School and Kindergarten will not have school on October 14 and their conferences are from 8:00 AM- 8:30 PM.

5th Grade Conferences This Fall: PLEASE READ!!!

We WILL NOT be using an arena style conference schedule for the Fall conferences. You will only sign up to meet with your child's homeroom teacher during PT conferences. If you have concerns regarding math, please contact Mrs. Hitchcock and she will be glad to visit with you via phone, email or before/after school.

I'm so Proud!

Words cannot express how amazed and proud I am of this class after grading our first Journeys assessment! These assessments are challenging and I also added two constructed response questions that required the students to use our new strategy-ACES. This assessment included such difficult skills such as Point of View (including third person limited and third person omniscient) and irony, which is a difficult concept to grasp. In the beginning of the year they were giving me one to two sentence responses. Their effort level, critical thinking, and use of supporting evidence surpassed my expectations, especially this early in the year. (Many even complained about aching hands from writing so much-I was loving it!) These tests will go home on Monday. Please tell your child how proud you are of their effort and hard work on this test! If your child did not do as well as they would have liked, they will work with me to fix a few things and then will bring the assessment home on Monday or Tuesday. Scores are listed on ParentVue. If your child does not have a score, this means that they need to rework parts of their constructed response.

Coming up this Week

Social Studies-We are moving on to the Pacific Northwest and the Arctic. We will be researching and creating totem poles. I love this project! Our totem poles will be displayed during conferences.

Last week we had the opportunity to experience a buffalo museum. I had ordered artifacts from the Natural History Museum in Topeka. These artifacts gave students a better understanding just how valuable the buffalo were to the Plains Native Americans and also how resourceful the Plains people were.

Math-We will continue Topic 3- Multiplication of whole numbers. Mrs. Hitchcock also wanted to mention if your child comes home with a Math page with "correct and return" on it, she would like for them to return it with corrections made, so she can give them a 1/2 point back, to help their grade. If your child scores below a 70% on any test, they will have the option to correct the test, but they must have made corrections to the problems they missed and a parent signature. Please let her know if you have any corrections.

Writing-In preparation for our November district writing assessment, we will be doing a practice informational piece based on a Native American tribe. Students will learn how to use a prompt, take notes using an organizational note taking grid, will learn how to organize an information piece, how to write a strong introduction and conclusion, and how to construct a bibliography. Students may need to type these at home as the deadline approaches. The due date for the Native American Tribe piece will be Wednesday, October 7.

Reading-Quest for the Tree Kangaroo

Genre-Informational Text

Focus Skills-Cause and Effect/Context Clues/Domain Specific Vocabulary/Quotes & Descriptions

Reading Strategy-Asking Questions

Spelling-List 5

Journeys Log-In Information

Students are now able to log on to the Journey's website and read their text online.

Having students read the Journeys text to you would really benefit them for the test and with fluency.

Username-Blackbob username for Envision


Go to my library to find resources.

Math Wings

Math Wings information will go home on Monday. Math Wings is a challenging and competitive math club for 4th and 5th graders. We will meet after school on Thursdays from 3:40-4:40. Our team will also participate in regional and district competitions. Math Wings competitions are always held on Tuesdays. I will be the sponsor of the team so if you have any additional questions, please let me know.

A.L.I.C.E. Drill

On Monday students will be reviewing our A.L.I.C.E. policy for safety and security. We will be watching a student-friendly video created by the district. If your child comes home and has any concerns or questions regarding A.L.I.C.E., please let me know.

Word of the Week-pusillanimous-showing a lack of courage; cowardly; timid

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, September 24-Running Club after school

Friday, September 25-No School for Students

Specials Schedule





C.S.I. Confirmation Forms Were Sent Home Last Week

Book Talks

Starting on Thursday, September 24, students will be giving a book talk on any book they have read so far this year. I will go over the directions with them on Monday. These are pretty informal and are just a great way for students to learn about other great books their classmates are reading.