Evergreen PBIS Newsletter

January and February

What's New with Evergreen PBIS?

Coming back from Winter Break has been an incredibly busy and exciting time at Evergreen. The Evergreen PBIS team, with the help of the rest of the building, has been completed our winter Walking Assemblies, reteaching all expected behaviors to students throughout the building. This allows for students to transition back into the school setting and have a gentle reminder about the high behavioral expectations all staff have for students at Evergreen.

The Evergreen PBIS Team has continued the implementation of an area focus case study throughout the building. This means that we have taken three common areas, the Cafeteria, the Playground, and the Hallways, and have made it our mission to improve the behaviors in those locations. We have done this by emphasizing students meeting the positive expectations Evergreen is so proud of. Those expectations are found below. Additionally, we have seen some really strong success using this new strategy. We have seen referral numbers drop in our three common areas targeted. This just goes to show that some intentionality goes a long way!

Rewards and Recognition

The Student Store, AKA, Mervin's Mall

After months of waiting, the student store has finally begun! Students have been patiently saving their tickets all year in anticipation of the opening of the store. Through the use of an ordering model instead of a physical store, we are able to keep the store open continuously instead of only a few times a year. Our ASB students have taken on the task of filling all student store orders, allowing for deliveries to be made on a weekly basis. Thank you ASB!
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The Trough

We have been making great progress on The Trough! We have filled the H, receiving a whole school extra recess. Two weeks ago we filled the E, meaning we get a whole school movie and popcorn! This is being arranged currently. As you can tell by the picture below, we have almost filled the R as well, meaning our fearless leaders, Mr. Van Cleef and Mr. Danford will be spending the evening on the roof! Get ready, gentlemen.

Remind all kiddos that any tickets they spend in the building end up in The Trough. Tickets don't do any good if they aren't spent!