Tomas Alva Edison, Who is he?

The seven habits of highly effective Edison.

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-He was born Ohio in U.S. on February 11, 1847.

-He was a great American inventor who invented light bulb.

-He had a lot of patents.

-His first invention was electronic vote recorder.

The History of Thomas Edison - a Short Story
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Be Proactive

In 1879, he invented light bulb at the first setout. Though he was quite deaf by the accident, he was not frustrated. He immersed himself in research day and night.

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Begin with the End in mind

Through the multiple attempts, finally he invented light bulb. He said " Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration."
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Put first things first

Edison was 82 years old, but he used to conduct studies for 6 hours every day. To that extent he had a deep affection for science. He thought research was more inportant than sleep.
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Think win-win

Today, a number of the lights are all around us. By inventing the light bulb, we can see the light at night too.
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Seek fisrt to understand; then to be understood

Although Edison considered a carbon-filament, he used a bamboo-filament because of the result of studies and opinions of reseachers.
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He had entrusted the work to a young assistant, but young assistant failed to work. Edison praised him instead of rebuking and checked the wrong part.
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Sharpen the saw

Usually through science, we think the idea of associating progress with the future. But he plced the most importance on present. So he used to read science magazine steadily. Additionally, by having of writing notes, he took good care of all things. Through his habbit, we can see how meticulous he was.