Bernie For President

"I believe that community college should be tuition free" Sanders, tons of americans are thrilled with his plan of making community college tuition free, but there are others who think the complete opposite. They believe that by making college tuition free it will cause an inflation in our economy, causing prices to increase tremendously. This idea is sort of radical, but possible since other countries around the world already have this policy in action. Honestly it can truly happened, but it's going to take time to be in the same momentum as Europe and several other countries.

A lot of people underestimate Sanders with the minority vote, but most minorities are unaware of his actions when he was younger. He signed a city ordinance banning housing discrimination, as Mayor of Burlington, he supported the city's first ever Pride Parade. It's evident that Sanders is as much of a minority support as Clinton is, but isn't recognized. The only reason why Hillary is getting more minority votes is because of her husband's reputation with the minority community. If only people were more informed about Sanders they would be neck and neck with the minority vote. It's evident that he's been bring up these topics more often during debates, hopefully get gains some momentum.

Sanders is committed to taxing wall street and holding them countable for what they're done to this country. Personally I think this mission is going to be a challenge for him but he could surprise us all and actually do something. We'll just have to wait and see what he's actually going to do about it. Lets lets keep our fingers crossed because we're tired of these damn taxes.

Plans as President

  • Plans to fight for comprehensive immigration reforms.
  • Believes that the decision about abortion should be decided between a woman and her doctor.
  • Wants to strengthen the instant background check for guns so there isn't any loopholes.
  • Believes that going to war isn't necessary to be a great and powerful nation.
  • Will stop corporations from shifting profits overseas to avoid taxes & will tax Wall St. speculators.
  • Supports LGBT groups & believes that we must end discriminations in all forms.
  • Believes that health insurance should be a right not a privilege, wants to have a universal health care plan.
  • Wants to invest in infrastructure to help Americans get jobs around the country.
  • Had made up his mind that he will make public colleges tuition free to ensure every student gets and education.

Personal Quotes

" There are those who want a separation between gays & straights in the military, I believe this is nonsense! When people die for us we shouldn't pay attention to their sexuality, we should honor them regardless if they're gay, straight, white, or brown!" What does it matter if someone is a homosexual, if they're giving their life for this country they should be honored the same way someone who is straight.

" As a men I have no say in what a women does to her body, and let own punisher her for it, so if i do become president i'll not support the right wingers, I'll support plan parenthood." I believe that the government doesn't have a say on what a women should do with her body. They should do what's best, she's the person who is going to live with the consequences of her actions.

" I will dismantle the inhumane deportation programs, and I'll pave a way to a fair road map to citizenship." This country was build through - technically illegal immigration. If they who called themselves colonist had the right to become citizens of this country then those who live here illegally and haven't done any illegal actions should be given citizens as well.

" I want to rebuild america's infrastructure thats including bridges roads better bus systems and the process of doing that, it will provide american with 13 million jobs." This country could use a remodeling project. Sounds like he's going to give jobs to mostly everyone.