Outside adventure

By:Karen Trinidad

Invasive Species

This is an plant is an invasive species. It immigrates and takes over a species. Examples include bamboo and Kudzu.


The fern is a sporophyte plant which uses spores to reproduce. It is a haploid spore meaning it has two sets of chromosomes.
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Vascular Plant

Vascular plants are over 5cm. Some examples are Xylem and Phloem. Xylem plants absorb water and moves water up the roots. Phloem plants absorb water and nutrients. It moves water and nutrients up and down.

Non Vascular Plant

Non Vascular plants use capillary action (small tubes) to transport water and nutrients. They have no roots, stems, or leaves. Some examples are fungus, Liver wart, and horn wart.


Fungus are examples of heterotrophs because they eat autotrophs. They have cell walls and chitin. Some examples are thread fungus ( normal structure) and they are reproductive.


Gymnosperms derive from the meaning "naked seed" in Latin. They are seed producing plants such as pines, spruce,needles,conifers, and evergreens.
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Angiosperm are flowering plant seed that are diploid ( two sets of chromosomes). The male structure is the stamen, while the female structure is the pistol.
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