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Looking for a premium printing company in Las Vegas for brochures and business cards? Then PrintFlix is ultimate choice among Las Vegas Brochure and Las Vegas Business Cards printing companies.

A brochure is a pamphlet or a leaflet are used solely for the purpose of advertising or introducing a business company or an organization. It briefly describes the products and the services that the company or the organization provides. The brochures can have different shapes and sizes and can also be categorized according to the "fold" that it has, like bi-fold, tri-fold, Z-fold etc. Brochures can also contain several sheets so that it describes your company's products and services in good detail. On the other hand business cards are small cards that bears the business information of a company or an individual. Business cards are very important for your business as they are generally exchanged during a formal introduction or a meeting. Everyone must have heard about and seen the brochures and business cards, moreover the better the design more impact it creates on the potential customers.

So what makes PrintFlix different from other Las Vegas brochures and Las vegas business cards printing companies! The answer is simple: innovation. The key to PrintFlix's success is the highly experienced team of designers and engineers who have made it possible to integrate the power of videos with your business identity. Every product is designed and finished by PrintFlix in its Las Vegas unit.

PrintFlix has brought innovation to the printing industry all around the globe by integrating the high end videos into well crafted printing jobs. It has been proved by scientists that our mind is able to grab the things very quickly through video representations rather than by reading simple text. So PrintFlix allows your business reach out to everyone in the highly competitive marketplace so that you can create a very good impression on the customer/client which certainly increases your profit margins. The print plus video product consists of a small high contrast LCD that displays the video describing your product or service, and starts of immediately without any delay. PrintFlix has a unique of its kind web based application using which the customers can visualize how their print plus video will look like before making the purchases. The application sports wide range of templates and these templates can be used to place the video and print components in any of the products.

Now you must be thinking that how thick will the business card or the brochure will become after embedding a LCD in it! Our company produces the ultra slim las vegas business cards with a mere 0.2" thickness. Isn't that great? Yes, even with this much thickness it contains a 2.4" display screen, a speaker, a USB port for uploading the videos and charging. You just need to press a switch on the card to activate the video. That's not all the video brochure has the cutting edge optivideo technology which activates a new video whenever the page is turned, the optical sensor in the brochure automatically detects the page changes and works accordingly. So that makes PrintFlix the most innovative, sought after Las Vegas brochure and Las Vegas business cards printing company.

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PrintFlix believe in setting high standards without any compromises on cost, whether its a hi-end project or any daily printing job. We understand how important and valuable is your brand, and accordingly provide the best marketing solutions. We believe in building healthy and long relationship with our clients/customers so that we come first in the list of Las Vegas printing companies.

PrintFlix makes sure that all the jobs are completed well before time and are never late. When we make a commitment to make the delivery on time we work hard towards this goal so that you can keep up with your schedule, thus making us the most sought after never late printing company.