Scouts Group 2

Are you a curious person? Do you like to travel? Do you mind cold weather? If you answered yes to these questions, Mars is the place for you! Our purpose for this project is to increase space for life. As you are reading this, the worlds population is increasing. But what happens when we run out of space for living creatures? That is where Mars comes in handy.

Land forms on Mars


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Day and Night

Similarities: Caused by the sun, Caused by axis tilts

Differences: Different lengths of rotation, Axis tilts are different


Similarities: Has four seasons, Caused be the axis tilt and sun

Differences: Axis tilts, thickness of atmosphere

Phases of the Moon

Similarities: Waxing and Waning, Causes gravitational pull

Differences: No tides, Amount of moons


Similarities: Has solar eclipses, Has lunar eclipses

Differences: Eclipse time, How often