My Personality

Codey Neises

I'm 54% extrovert and 46% introvert

  • I'm a leader
  • I'm strong willed and active
  • I'm able to have an in depth thinking
  • i think before acting
  • I know how to communicate my knowledge
  • My actions are determined by my own will
  • I know how to organize group of persons and give them my energy

A little bit more about me

Im 33% focused on facts and reality

Im 33% attached to moral values and feelings

Im 33% centered on thoughts and actions, determined by knowledge and expierience


im 54% will power, and 45% senseibility

i'm 41 % inspiration, and 58% family

i'm 51% ideas, and 48% relations

My managment skills are at 21%

My leadership skills are at 21%

My energy is at 19%

My insights are at 19%

My intellectual skills are at 18%

I am a good communicator and open. I am dynamic and active. I know how to attract people and engage them. I am determined in my actions. I know how to communicate ideas and energy, and I know how to boost people.