The Romans entertainment

couilsem fights

.50,000 people showed up

.they would fight to the death

.10,000 animals were killed in the coulism

.if a slave won the fight they would get freedom

.the games lasted 123 days

.the last fight hosted was in 435Ad

.there was no stoping no matter how bad you were hurt

acenit rome

by Don haven press,year2002 pg189

.If you won the fight you would become very popular.

.they gave money to the fighter when they one

the fights lasted 123 days

.over 10,000 gladiators fought knowing they were going to die

coliseum gladiator fights

How it was built

The us borne book of the acient world

By:Chishan Jane,British mascar education service, year 1991, pg 251

.it took 9years to build the coulsiem

.they used Jewish slaves to build it

.it was a gift from the emperor

.built in 72ad


Coulsiems fall

The earthquake of 847 and 1231 ad destroyed the coulsiem and tore it in half

half of the info was from a blog