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Kelli Gargus and Johnna Ward

What is formative assessment?

Drives instruction

Helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses

Supports learning


Socrative is a smart student response system.

Create quizzes, exit tickets, and more...

Instant results.

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It's a clickerless system!

It's engaging!!

It's a HOOT!!!

It's Kahoot!!!!!

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Interactive multimedia presentations.

Use one from NearPod or create your own!

Add videos and links to a powerpoint.

Infuse Learning

Infuse learning has lots of activities to choose from.

Let's explore a few.

Go Noodle

Great way to incorporate brain breaks in your day.

Get active and learn at the same time.

If your class is too active try the calm down exercises.

I love this site!!!!

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Exit Ticket

Real-Time Intervention

Powerful Differentiation

Drive Instruction

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Build a wall.

Share your ideas.

Simple, yet powerful.

Create an account at

Open the following link and respond to the question.

Google Forms

Here's a Google Form to see how much kids know about internet safety.

How CyberSmart Are You?

You can create your own form in 5-15 minutes!

Free Technology for Teachers

Great technology blog written by Richard Byrne.

Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles