Colt Chronicle

September 11th-25th

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The Colt Chronicle is designed to save you time from face to face meetings!

Scott and I are building this smore as an intentional piece of our ongoing professional development and staff meeting needs. Please ensure that you read it each time it is published and look at the links that are provided. The content is provided with great intention: either to further your thinking on a topic, or they are directly related to a campus goal or initiative. It is must that you be knowledgeable about the content we provide.

Additionally, the #coltslearn is being tweeted into all the time. Check that out from time to time for resources that support your efforts in the classroom. Tweet to it now and again from your campus twitter accounts so we can build a learning community with our families that begin to follow your accounts that we established.


Sept 11: Grade level rep to meet with Wells Fargo parent at 3 pm in the library

Sept 14: CMIT

Sept 16: Stacy and Scott off campus/ Sunshine and Wellness Mtgs at 3 (ALL staff)

Sept 18: Donuts for Digital Learning at 7:15 AM/ Balloon Festival

Sept 21-23: Stacy will be in VEGAS, BABY.

Sept 23: Scott off campus

Sept 24: Scott off campus

Sept 24: Progress reports for grades 3-5

Sept 25: Citizen of the Month in the library at 2:25 PM

Now that we have all the parents in and out of the building for the start of the year and have introduced ourselves, please start collecting your personal items from the trophy cases. The trophy cases will now start to fill up with the children's learning and projects. Please try to rotate them around and freshen them up from time to time. It's a great tool to show off the kids' hard work.

Can you believe it's closing in on the halfway mark through the first nine weeks? For grades 3-5, please ensure that progress reports go home no later than Thursday, Sept. 24th.

Be thinking ahead to October. Why? Parent conferences return to the calendar, so you will want to get those scheduled ASAP. The district heard our concerns about not meeting with all our families, and have provided that day back in our calendars. The official conference date is, October 12th.

Time is already flying by. Thank you all for the hard work you've tackled to make this a smooth start to school.

Stacy and Scott

Growth Mindset

Encouraging Students to Persist Through Challenges

Encouraging Students To Persist Through Challenges (video clip above)

The video above is a wonderful example of helping kids establish a growth mindset. Recently, Stacy shared with you a new acronym, FADAF: failure and difficulty are feedback. This teacher does an amazing job of coaching her kiddos up. Listen for the language used by the children in the video and also the vocabulary the teacher uses about her students and WITH her students. It runs about six minutes in length. Enjoy!

AVID at McCall

We are very excited here at McCall to finally have the AVID Elementary program on campus! Some of you may already know a great deal about AVID at the elementary level, and some of you may still be curious as to what exactly it is. AVID is a national program based on setting students up for success throughout their school career (and beyond) by instilling proven strategies for learning and growth. AVID is an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. Most people who have heard of AVID associate it with the large 3 ring binders that students carry around with them. Being organized and having all of your supplies is just one aspect of the AVID Elementary system. WICOR is another acronym that encompasses all of the major components of AVID. WICOR stands for – Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading.

Currently 4th and 5th Grade students are the only grade levels that receive the AVID supplies. That being said, we are going to incorporate aspects and strategies of AVID throughout the whole school. I will be sending out AVID strategies each month that your child can use regardless of their age. I think what you will find is that many of these “AVID” concepts are really just sound strategies to become more productive and successful. Stay tuned...................

Thank you McCall family!

- Mr. S.

Power Walk Through Notes

We will be working on a better feedback form to provide you the reflection of what we captured while visiting your classroom.

Already things to think about: How can essential questions and I can statements be strengthened in their use in the classrooms. Merely posting these without ensuring that they match what your teaching will be for the day defeats their powerful use. Learning targets should be reviewed DAILY, and for our second language learners, multiple times throughout the lesson. If students cannot articulate their learning with the words that match the I can statement, we aren't meeting the learning target's purpose. My thinking on learning targets has greatly shifted due to my Harvard learning, and some professional reading that I am currently doing. A longer blog post or a video may be published soon for your benefit.

For this year, we are going to tighten the tracking of how teachers are using technology. If you, the teacher, are not actively using technology as a part of your lesson, the space for that will be marked "none". In previous years, if the board was being used to project guided groups and their tasks, credit for presentation tools was marked. We are upping our game!

Ensure that Scott and I have access to your UbD plans sooner rather than later so that we can consult those as we conduct our visits. These visits are intended to strengthen our teaching and student learning. Little changes from week to week will make a big impact upon our student's achievement.


Child Find

Child Find is a program that helps to identify and serve individuals from birth to 21 years of age who are suspected of having a disability. Generally, one of our front office staff will provide a family with a flyer entitled, "Lift Off to Learning" if the child is outside the age range for McCall enrollment. We must maintain a record of the flyers/recommendations made each year in the front office with Mary Terhune. I need you to be aware that this policy is present and that we do our best not to make assumptions for families by providing them this information. Our goal is help get kids enrolled in programs that will benefit them as early as possible. If you suspect a family has a younger child in need of identification, please obtain a flyer from Mary and provide this to the family. Let me know if you have any questions about Child Find.

McCall Elementary Administrators

Stacy Kimbriel, Principal/ @skimbriel

Scott Schweikhard, Assistant Principal /@SSchweikhard