Types of Tissue

By Addi McKee

Epithelial Tissue

The epithelial tissue is found through the body. It covers the inside and outside of body surfaces, including organs. They are packed tightly together to form a protective barrier. The functions of epithelial tissue functions include protection, absorption, filtration and excretion, and secretion.

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Connective Tissue

The connective tissue is the most abundant tissue in the body and it is found in and around organs. Connective tissues main functions in our body include connecting, binding, and supporting structures such as tendons and ligaments, wrapping itself around organs and protects and cushions them, insulating and filling space, as well as storing fat, bearing weight, stretch and take abuse, transporting nutrients and other substances throughout the body through the blood, and the bone supporting framework for our body and protects our organs.
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Muscle Tissue

The muscle tissue can be found in the heart, large body muscles, organs walls, and blood vessel walls. Muscle tissue functions include movement by attaching to the bones in the body, moving blood, waste, and nutrients through the body, and controlling synchronized contractions of the heart to produce a heart beat.
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Nervous Tissue

The nervous tissues are found in the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. The main function of the nervous system is to generate and transmit nerve impulses to and from the body via neurons.
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Connective Tissue: Very Important!!

I think that the connective tissue is the most important tissue. It suits where it is and what it does best in the body because it keeps us all together and supports out bodies. If we did not have it, we would fall apart. It also helps to protect our organs. It is important that our organs are protected because if they weren't they would be susceptible to getting damaged we could die from the damage. Lastly, they transport vital substances throughout our body and insulate and store fat. This is important because we need nutrients and blood to be circulated throughout the body to keep living.