By: Brandon Ruiz



Abusive Parent

Speaking from personal Experience I know the life of having a drunk parent. Its neglecting, abusive, and mentally traumatizing. Alcohol is known to cause violence. When parents because heavy drinkers it can take a very large toll on the child. This picture is reflecting on the life of an abused child with a drunk mother.

Drunk Driver

Many people who drink often start off thinking they will never drink and drive. but as these people get more and more used to drinking. they begin to feel more and more comfortable with there ability to do different things. for example, driving. Many alcoholics drink and drive and never get caught. For them its just another night but for everyone else on the road, it can mean their life.
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Alcohol alters the state of the mind. It can make you mad, sad, extremely happy and cheerful or it can make you extremely violent. This socially excepted beverage causes people to not be themselves drunk or not. It is just best to not drink to much to prevent developing the disease of alcoholism.


Both scientists and non-scientists have recognized the connection between alcohol consumption and aggression or violence. The consumption of alcohol has been socially known to cause violence. But do we care? We should care. Because anybody could be a victim of drunken violence.
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Bad decisions

Not only can alcohol make you violent, and change your personality, but it will also most likely cause you to make some very bad decisions. Say get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, or get into a fight with a cop. Many deaths are due to overdosing on alcohol or alcohol poisoning. Out of the majority, men are more likely to overdose than women. Anything can really happen and by the end of the night, you will probably regret it.
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Alcohol can and will destroy your kidneys! Long term consumption of alcohol will harm your kidneys, which is the organ you need to keep your blood clean. Overall its just not worth it. No matter how good you feel while your drunk, the health side effects are not worth it.


One of my least favorite things about alcohol is its emotional affect it has on people. for some it has no negative emotional affects. for others it can make them sad, depressed, and suicidal. Many deaths have been the direct cause of the consumption of alcohol!


Teenagers who consume alcohol before the age of 21 are 4 times more likely to be an alcoholic than the average person. Anyone can develop an addiction for alcohol. Just say no to it now, and never have to spend all your money on it, never have to worry about making stupid decisions.


Another really bad thing about alcohol is that it can be considered a gate way drug. Many young people who start off drinking alcohol often go on to harder drugs. in the picture we see this person tempted by the better vibes of other substances.

Choices (Conclusion)

Overall alcohol has all kinds of horrible things that come with it. Can cause violent behavior. You can overdose. It will tear up your livers, and it may lead to the use of other illegal substances. Just stay away from alcohol; but if you do decide to drink then just don't take it too far. know your limit and don't drink too often.