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Last week of 2015!

Happy Holidays from 3S-KG Buddies!

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A Note From Ms. Salazar

I cannot believe we are about to go on Winter Break! I truly enjoyed meeting with you last week during conferences. It's a pleasure to share all of the work and progress your child has made so far this year.

This week was a special one at Lizzy Haddon. We had our Blue Ribbon Pep Rally yesterday. Margo represented our class as Congressman Norcross presented the award to our students. It was a day full of excitement and pride! We would not have achieved this award without the support of great families like yours!

Yesterday we reflected on our year and made resolutions for 2016. I was extremely impressed with how thoughtful the students were when completing this activity. They thought about things they want to learn, try, and see. I am looking forward to 2016 and all it will bring!

I hope you enjoy your Winter Break and I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year!

See you in 2016!

Ms. Elsa Salazar

Blue Ribbon Pep Rally

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Sporting our Blue Ribbon stickers! Ready for the Pep Rally!

Blue Ribbon Application Committee

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Spotlight Student!

Math Masters!

By Eleanor, Margo, and Bella

**I usually just copy what the students type in Google Drive and paste into our Smore. However, the girls did such a nice job with the layout of their typing (including exactly where they wanted their picture), I thought I'd share it. To see what the girls typed themselves on our Google Drive, click here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MPESv2lJABYIWloCxYYGIEuodejvLzHvjgc4Y7d5gPA/edit?usp=sharing

Winter Themed Math Stations!


By Ainsley & Elise

Write write write erase erase erase


(p.s. SLC stands for student led conferences)

We wrote a script about either reading, writing, science, math, work habits,and social studies.we also practiced with a buddy,we read our script to our buddy. Our buddy gave us compliments and suggestions we gave them evidence. We made a personal goal. Our personal goal could be about double checking our work, handing homework on time, talking and turning, and neat handwriting and well you get it.

Thanks for coming!

Students looking for evidence!


By Leo & Daniel

Tag you're it!

The last PE class we learned freeze melt tag and this is how you do it.The firststep is, you need 5 hoola hoops.Run around with 2 red balls and 2 blue balls.The blue ball freezes people and the red ball frees them. That is how you play freeze melt tag.

The second, thing is snowball toss.There is a wall and you throw the ball and try and hit the people on the other side. There is a rule that if you get hit you go to jail. If you catch a ball in jail, you get out.

Last, we did beat the grinch. We were put into teams. We went on scooters and got bean bags. In the next round, we needed to get a higher amount of beanbags. If the grinch tags you, you go back with nothing!


By:Izzy, Cleo,and Jason

Dear Parents,

Are you ready to read about great grammar? Because we’ve been having so much fun you can’t even imagine.

The first thing we did in great grammar was learn about commas.Where you need to put commas are: After transition words,if you're addressing someone,a series,or for dialogue. We also practiced on some JJ pages. Examples: Izzy, Cleo, and Jason are going to the movies( That was series.) First,they ate. Next,they sat down. After that,they went to bed ( that was transition words.) Ms. Salazar, can you please teach me now?( that was addressing someone.)”Hi,”said Cleo.(that was dialogue).

We also learned about simple predicates and simple subjects. One thing we know is it is always one word. That is why it’s called simple subjects and simple predicate.If it is a simple predicate it is a verb.If it is a simple subject it is a noun. We used our JJ’s to help us practice( it was very helpful.)Example:My friends played outside.(italic means simple subject, underlined means simple subject. )

we hope you enjoyed reading THE STORY OF GREAT GRAMMAR!