Britsh History

S. Acosta, J. Correia, Heydi Messier

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Mary was the queen until 1533. She was know as Bloody Mary cause of how many Catholics she had killed in England. After Mary died, the throne was passed down to Elizabeth, she is the person who brought England out of its Catholics times. The people during this time had to become Catholic or their lives would have been taken away horribly.


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Who were the ruler? By: Stanley Acosta

Queen Elizabeth was Queen of England starting in 1533-1603. She provided the stability writers needed to produce a wide variety of literature works. She was a Protestant. She was most famous patron of Renaissance Art. After she died James I became king from 1603-1625. James was the son of Mary Queen of Scots and her second husband Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley. He was descended through the Scottish kings from Robert the Bruce, and the English Tudors through his great grandmother Margaret Tudor sister of Henry VIII. After James it was Charles then Oliver Cornwell(Chadwick,1).
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How did the people live? By: Stanley Acosta

People who lived during this time we ruled by Queen Elizabeth and other rulers. To keep things interesting they saw William Shakespheares plays and found other things to do. For fashion women wore clothes that were down to their ankles and men wore formal clothes sort of like suits. There was a large amount of artists who paint people and who painted the queen and who also painted the Renaissance time(Chadwick,1).
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What was going on in Britain during the time just before, during and just after Shakespheare lived? By: Heydi Messier

Before William Shakespheare was born Elizabeth I reign began. It began in 1558 when her sister Mary died. She returned England to being a Protestantism but she doesn't enforce it. Another thing that happens is Phillp II of Spain launched a great fleet of ships known as Spanish Armada. There was 130 ships sailed up with the England channel to pick up troops for the overthrow. They were drivien to the North Sea by strong winds and Royal Navy(Snow,1).

During Shakespheare time Elizabeth I created the poor law. It required each church to provide the poor, old, and blind. The people that regulated this law got money from the church goes. Elizabeth died in age 69 a single women(Snow,1).

After Shakespheare death James I followed Elizabeth region but died in 1625, nine years after Shakespheares death his son Charles took over. He began to fight over Catholic powers, but withdrew in 1630. In many years later people did not want to follow him because of the religious policies(Snow,1).

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What were people concerned about? By: Heydi Mess

People's concerns in the year 1553 was when Mary I was going to marry Phillip II who was catholic. They wanted to bring Mary back in Catholicism. During her power almost 300 people who didn't want to become Catholics were killed and burned to death. This is how the nickname "Bloody Mary" came to be. Late in the 1500's Philip II wanted to overthrow England but he was not successful. After the England held back Philip from Spain and the poor law was enacted people still had a hard life. 14% of infants would die before their first year, women lived shorter than men did,and reaching 40 years old was considered old(Stoyle,1).
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What was the political atmosphere? By Jacob Correia

In the years of 1550 and after, England’s political standpoint was finally starting to catch up to the rest of the country in many different ways, in fact, this was their best time as a country which is called the Elizabethan Age. In the Elizabethan Age, Queen Elizabeth, who is still looked at as England’s best ruler, was in reign after the fall of Mary I. The Elizabethan Age was a time of cleanup after Mary, who is Elizabeth’s half-sister. Mary was a cruel and was not one bit Protestant, and she killed everyone who was Protestant in England so to get revenge on all the people who liked her mother, Jane Seymour. In Elizabeth’s reign, she fixed many things that Mary had destroyed, like making it ok to have whatever religion you wanted in England. Queen Elizabeth also helped many religions come into the country because she had opened it up to all religions, and would not persecute them for what they believed in, whatever it was. Over Elizabeth’s reign, England’s reputation and viewpoints from around the world changed for the better. This incredible changed shaped England into the country we know it as today, and without it, there would probably be no America. In the end of Elizabeth’s reign as Queen of England, people from around the world admired England because of her impact on everyday things. One impact Elizabeth had is that she wore fancy and different clothing, that England’s culture of that time implemented into their daily lives as well. In my opinion, the world today has shown that people can do bad things, but the world then explained that anyone can do good things that overpower the bad things. As many countries want to look powerful and strong in the world today, England of that time, was not focused on that, instead they were focused on themselves, which is one of the best things a country can do(Comptons,190).
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In the years of 1553-58, England was in a downfall internally. Mary I was the Queen and was persecuting everyone who was Protestant and bringing the country to chaos. After Mary died, the throne was passed down to Elizabeth, and she is the person who brought England out of its chaotic times. Soon after becoming Queen, Elizabeth has shaped England into a better country internally, and made it safer and open to all religions, instead of just Catholics. After Being known as a bad and unsafe country, England became the country we look at it as today. In the end of Elizabeth’s reign, the country had become better and more stable, and also more strong and united.