Vivacity Galoshes


These High Fashion, Life Saving Boots are available to order now!

Have you ever dreamed of going out of this boring, old world and to some place new? Well now you can! These boots are able to maintain a humans basic life needs, so they are free to roam where they never could before! Have a baby? No problem! These boots are a one-size-fits-all, they are consistently growing with with you so one pair is all you need!
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How is this Possible?

These futuristic boots are able to sustain life in every aspect, regardless of the situation. Our high tech sensors are able to hook up to the nerves that link to the brain so that, in case of emergency. The boot can adjust to the correct survival status whether it be the need to move, remove waste, ingest, responding, reproduction, and of course growth! Our boots abilities don't stop at that, they aren't only used for emergency measures, but also the simple, everyday life needs. Eating and drinking as well breathing is usually done simply by a person, but if the situation calls for a need of any of those things, there's an option through our boot! No it doesn't make meals for you or serve you full glasses of water but it will inject you with a serum that hydrates your body and gives it the required nutrients it needs to keep on living! It is also able to continuously monitor your heart beat, and body temperature, as well as adjust your body to the atmospheric pressure.

Vivacity Galoshes are guaranteed to be Indestructible and last a lifetime!