Friday Night Lights

By: H. G. 'Buzz' Bissinger

My Summary

This book is about the year the author spent in Odessa, following the Permian High School Panthers through the 1988 football season. He focuses on six players and the pain/suffering and victories they experience. The town along with the school is also racist and economically challenged. Mainly, because of the oil business and the life conditions in the area in which they live. But it's not only the town going through some hardships, America is too.

Why was the book "Friday Night Lights" challenged? Do I agree or disagree?

"Friday Night Lights" has been banned from the school's because of its racism, sexual content and profanity.

Yes, I agree with banning the book. Because even though we are still encountering racism in the 21st Century, this book just makes it more perplex.